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X-ray and metal detectors

When packing your bags, don’t forget the restrictions on items that can be checked and those that can be included in your carry-on. It is important that you comply with all of the recommendations, because prior to being loaded into the airplane all bags will go through an x-ray machine, where airport personnel will see whether they contain restricted items. If restricted items are present, you will have to remove them from your bag.
Also, for international flights, or domestic segments of international flights, you may take in carryon at most 100ml (3.4 oz) of liquids, lotions or gels, which must be packaged in a clear plastic bag that is 20 cm by 20 cm (7.5" by 7.5"). 
Similar to the  X-Ray inspection for their carryon, passengers must go through a metal detector prior to entering the boarding area. To facilitate the process avoid carrying metal objects and accessories.  Try to wear belts and shoes without metal buckles. At this point you will have to remove coins, keys, mobile phones, and any other metal items from your pockets. 
All passengers, except those wearing pacemakers, must go through the metal detectors. But if you have a special medical condition, you will be asked to provide appropriate medical documentation. Such documentation is required to make an exception to the metal detector.