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Baggage claim

​Upon exiting the airplane, you will go to the baggage claim area, where the baggage carousels have all of the baggage arriving at the airport. Find the carousel with your flight number. It will also state your airline and city of origin.
Note: if you are on a connecting flight, the carousel will list the city where you made the connection and not your city of origin.
Once you find your carousel you will see the checked baggage. The baggage from the airplane is placed on the carousel little by little, so don't be scared if you don't see yours right away.  You also don’t need to hurry because the carousel goes around several times. That way your bag will go by you several times, in case you can’t grab it when you first see it.
Be aware that a lot of bags are similar. Remember to check the bag’s identification tag for your name. It will contain your name and flight number.
If you are on an international flight you will have to go through customs, where you will turn in your filled-out customs declaration form. If you're on a domestic flight, it is even simpler. You can leave the airport as soon as you’ve picked up your baggage. 
In case of violation, damage, loss or any other issue with your baggage or objects left on the aircraft, please speak to one of the GOL attendants before leaving the baggage claim area.  They will be able to help.