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Traveling by plane can be easier than you imagine. To help you answer questions and plan your flight we have prepared this practical travel guide. Here you will find useful information ranging from before you buy your ticket to your arrival at your destination.

Select from the subjects below and get tips from GOL for your worry-free trip.


To ensure the safety of all GOL customers, including those with special needs, some passengers must mandatorily travel with a companion.  
See in what situations a companion is mandatory: 

  • In order to travel these customers must complete the MEDIF Form.  Once the need for assistance is confirmed, GOL gives the companion an 100% discount on air fare.  
  • If the customer must travel on a stretcher;
  • If the customer requires medical attention during the flight;
  • If he or she is not able to understand or respond to safety instructions due to a mental disability. 
  • If he or she is not able to deplane by him/herself during an emergency situation; 
  • If he or she as a severe hearing or visual impairment that prevents him/her from communicating with GOL employees.
It is important to also remember that the companion must be able to take care of the personal and medical needs of the passenger. For more information, contact our Online Chat via the GOL website.