Air France / KLM

Do you want to fly much more all over the world? Enjoy GOL's partnership with Air France/KLM and accrue Smiles miles every time you fly on these airlines. Together, the airlines offer 3,300 flights a day to around 300 destinations in 114 countries.

The mileage  accrual depends on the type of fare that is chosen. However, regardless of the class you fly on, you can accrue Smiles miles when flying on Air France and KLM. See the table below to learn how to enjoy this opportunity:

Starting on Jan. 1, 2013, miles earned on Air France and KLM flights are valid for Smiles Card category upgrades.

Air France

Airline Reservation class Cabin Accrual Percentage 1 Cabin 1 bonus Valid since Valid thru
AF A Premium Voyageur, Alizè or Economy 100% 25% 05/01/09 03/22/12
AF A Discount Premium Voyageur 100% - 03/23/12
AF B, Y Full Fare Economy 100% - 05/01/09
AF C, D, I, J, Z Business 100% 25% 05/01/09
AF E, L, U Economy 0% - 10/16/09 03/22/12
AF E, G, N, R, T, V Discounted Economy 25% - 03/23/12
AF F, P First Class 100% 50% 05/01/09
AF G Economy 0% - 01/07/11 03/22/12
AF H, K, M, Q, R, T, V Economy 100% - 05/01/09 03/22/12
AF H, K, L, Q Discounted Economy 50% - 03/23/12
AF M, U Economy 50% - 03/23/12
AF N Economy 0% - 05/01/09 03/22/12
AF O, X Premium Ticket 0% - 05/01/09
AF S Premium Voyageur
(After 03/23/2012)
Premium Voyageur or Alizè
(Until 03/22/2012)
100% 25% 05/01/09
AF W Premium Voyageur 100% 25% 05/01/09


Class of Service Flown Eligible KL booking classes VRG actual miles proposal Class of Service Bonus miles proposal Total Accrual
First Class N/A 100% 50% 150%
Business Class J, C, D, I, Z 100% 50% 150%
Premium Voyageur N/A 100% 25% 125%
Discounted Preminum Voyageur N/A 100% 0% 100%
Full Fare Economy Class Y, B 100% 0% 100%
Economy Class M,U 75% 0% 75%
Discounted Economy Class H, K, L, Q 50% 0% 50%
Discounted Economy Class T, E, N, R*,G,V 25% 0% 25%

*Mileage accrual for KLM's Class "R" will be available as of Mar/23/2012

Minimum accrual is 500 miles.  In other words, you will earn 500 miles for fractions of that distance.

Click here for the rules on earning Smiles miles through Air France or KLM

The trip of your dreams is very close to becoming a reality.  If you are not yet a Smiles member, register and enjoy!

​Rules for accruing Smiles miles through Air France/KLM

  •  Each flight will accrue at least 500 miles. For flights longer than 500 miles, the actual number of miles flown will be credited;
  • Mileage accrual is subject to confirmation and variations. Smiles participants should check the fare and class rules when purchasing tickets to know whether the flight is eligible to accrue miles;
    Flights purchased through mileage redemption do not accrue new miles on the Smiles program;
    Miles earned on Air France and KLM flights are not valid for Smiles Card category upgrades;
    The bonuses from Smiles Silver (25%), Gold (50%) and Diamond (100%) Cards are not valid for Air France/KLM flights;
     Smiles members flying on Air France and KLM may not use the Air France/KLM VIP Lounge;
    The excess luggage and differentiated service benefits enjoyed by Smiles Silver, Gold and Diamond members are not valid for flights operated by Air France or KLM.
    For the partner airlines Air France and KLM, the deadline for crediting miles is up to seven days after the date of the flight, as long as the Smiles number was provided during reservation or check-in;
    Past credits can be requested up to six months after the trip.  To do this, submit a Flight credit request and fill in the Contact Us form in your Smiles account. You will also need to send scanned copies of the ticket and boarding pass. Should you have any questions, contact the Smiles Customer Service Center.