Other Partners

The Smiles Program has other partnerships for you to earn more Smiles Miles and enjoy other benefits.  See below a list of participating companies and how to accrue miles:​​
Partner Service Center How to earn miles for Smiles
Clube Ageloni Phone number: +55 0800-643-8050
Service hours: 24 hours
Earn one mile for each Angeloni point, minimum of 500 points for transfer.
Assurant Phone numbers: +55 0800 11 8080
Service hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8 PM.

Earn 100 Smiles miles per month, by paying the total monthly insurance amount, with a 200 mile credit on the first month. You will also be in the monthly running for 100 thousand miles and R$ 7,500.00.

Phone Access (International Calling Cards) Phone number: +55 (11) 5181-8125
Service hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:30AM to 11PM.

For every US$30.00, earn 150 Smiles miles;
For every US$50.00, earn 250 Smiles miles;
For every US$70.00, earn 350 Smiles miles;
For every US$100.00, earn 500 Smiles miles;
For every US$150.00, earn 600 Smiles miles;
For every US$200.00, earn 700 Smiles miles;

Vip Táxi Phone number: +55 (11) 5597-0000
Service hours: 24 hours.
Earn one Smiles mile for every R$ 1.00 spent. Provide your Smiles number to the Vip Táxi Customer Service Agent when ordering the service.
Zaffari Card & Bourbon Card State capitals and metropolitan regions: +55 4004-1224
Other locations: +55 0800 600 3311
Service hours: Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 10PM and Sundays and holidays from 9AM to 9PM.
Website: or

Earn 15 Smiles miles for every point on the Premium Fidelity Program. 2% of purchases made with the Zaffari Card or the Bourbon Card turn into Premium Fidelity Program points. Purchases made with post-dated checks for payment in installments also earn points for the cardholder. The minimum number of points for transfer to the Smiles account is 200.

Transcootour Phone numbers: (21) 2590-2300 / 2590-2220 / 7811-7874
Service hours: 24 hours
E-mail address:
Earn 1 Smiles mile for every R$1.50 spent on taxi fare in the prepaid modality, at the following spots: Santos Dumont Airport, Galeão Airport, Novo Rio Bus station, Rio Sul Shopping Mall and through the Customer Service Center.
Dotz E-mail address:
Online support hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.
• 1,280 DOTZ points = 500
Smiles miles.
• 2,550 DOTZ points = 1,000 Smiles miles.
• 12,720 DOTZ points = 5,000 Smiles miles.
• 19,080 DOTZ points = 7,500 Smiles miles.
VotorantimCorretora See what types of investment you can make with SAGAZ:
Phone numbers: São Paulo and metropolitan area (11) 5171 5422.
Other locations: 0800 279 5422
Premiação: Each R$ 1.000 = 60 miles invested in Treasury Bonds*
Premiação: Each R$ 1.000 = 100 miles invested in certificate of deposit repurchase afreements**
Premiação: Each R$ 1,00 = 15 miles invested
SkyBOX Make purchases in the USA with SkyBOX, receive your order at home, and earn many Smiles miles.
+55 (11) 3858-9116
+55 (11) 3858-7114
Smiles clients get 50% off the registration fee, receive 500 miles and earn even more miles every time they use SkyBOX shipping: 100 miles for the first use and 50 miles every time the service is used again.
JAC SAC: 0800-522-8888

Earn Smiles miles when you buy your new car at JAC MOTORS. The miles will be credited up to 30 days after billing and vehicle delivery. To be eligible for the mileage credit, the Smiles customer must present the promotional voucher at a participating dealership.

J3 and J3 Turin models accrue 10,000 Smiles miles

J5, J6 and J6 Diamond models accrue 20,000 Smiles miles

This promotion is non-cumulative with other JAC Motors promotions;

Drogaria Catarinense Customer Service Center:
0800-476262 (Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM)
Or access
1 point in purchases = 2 Smiles miles
*minimum transfer of points to the Smiles program: 500.
You can redeem your points at the Clube Drogaria Catarinense for miles on the drugstore chain’s website or inquire at the counter in any store.

Customer Service: (11) 4422-9309 (São Paulo)

Other locations: 0800-773-1210

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 7 PM.

Web site:

The most radical Japanese brand is now the newest Smiles Program partner. In this launch, Smiles clients can purchase brand products and accrue up to 50,000 Smiles miles, check it out:

Ninja 250R (2012) ===> 7,000 miles
Versys City ABC (2012) ===> 20,000 miles
Ninja ZX-10R (2012) ===> 40,000 miles
Jet Ski® Ultra 300X (2012 and 2013) ===> 50,000 miles

Terms and conditions:
• Promotion is valid from Mar/01/2013 to Apr/30/2013, non-cumulative with other promotions (Ninja 1000, Ninja ZX-6R and Ninja ZX-10R in up to 12 interest free installments), and customers may opt for one of the current Kawasaki promotions. Promotion is limited to 20 units of each model.
• Participation in this promotion must be declared at the time of purchase, by entering the 9 digit Smiles number in the observation field on the bill of sale issued by a participating authorized Kawasaki dealership. The bill of sale must be issued in the name of the Smiles Account holder with the same CPF (SS number) as registered in the Smiles Program.
• The miles bonus will be credited by Kawasaki Motores do Brasil directly in the Smiles account provided on the bill of sale issued by the authorized Kawasaki dealership, in up to 30 days of it being issued.
• The location of participating authorized Kawasaki dealerships may be found online: or through the Kawasaki Customer Service.