Partner Companies

With GOL and the Smiles Program, you have many more advantages! One of them is the chance to accrue miles every day, with the things you already normally do, such as going to restaurants, using your credit card, and shopping online.
To enjoy this benefit, simply purchase a product or hire a service from one of our partner companies and identify yourself as a Smiles member. That way you will accrue new miles that can be used to issue award tickets to fly around the world with GOL/Varig or one of our partner airlines.
There are several partner companies, from credit card companies to currency exchange offices, entertainment, parking, hotels, virtual stores, car rentals, magazines, newspapers, restaurants and much more!
New Offer: Starting on Jan. 01, 2013 miles transferred from non-airline partners will also be valid for Smiles category upgrades.
For miles earned through partners, you accrue one club mile for every 15 partner miles earned. Ex.: 150 miles transferred from your credit card equal 10 club miles.
To see all the participating companies, select one of the partner types above. ​​​