Issuing Tickets


Flying with your Smiles ticket is easy. Simply redeem your accrued Smiles miles and travel wherever you like.

You can use your miles to fly GOL/Varig and any of the program's partner airlines. But don't forget: boarding fees are not included and must be paid with a credit card. Learn more:

GOL/Varig Tickets

In order to issue a Smiles ticket for GOL/Varig you must access your Smiles account. Then click on the "Issue Ticket" option and select the date and destination. Have your credit card information handy, as boarding fees cannot be paid with miles.

Note! You cannot issue a Smiles Ticket at a GOL/Varig store, at airports or with the Smiles Customer Service Center. This type of ticket can only be issued through the website.

issue your ticket ​​​

Partner Airline Tickets

You can now issue tickets to fly with Air France, KLM, American Airlines or Delta Air Lines directly on the Smiles website. Have your smiles card and password handy. You will also need your ID and credit card number to pay the boarding fees, which may not be paid with miles.