Smiles Any Day Ticket

Travel at any time and ensure your Smiles Ticket, without seat restrictions. With the Smiles Any Day Ticket you can travel GOL anywhere at any time, as long as there are seats available on the selected flight.
You can also choose a one way or round trip ticket. You can choose any of GOL's origin or destination locations in South or Central America. Once you’ve made your selection you are ready to issue your ticket.
Check below how much you need to issue a Smiles Any Day Ticket:
Within South America
Economy Class 20,000 Smiles Miles
Comfort Class 30,000 Smiles Miles
Between South and Central America
Economy Class 30,000 Smiles Miles
Comfort Class 45,000 Smiles Miles

The Smiles Program makes traveling much easier.  But plan in advance, because you can issue your ticket using miles, but you’ll still have to pay the boarding fees related to your flight ticket. In addition, before you obtain your ticket using Smiles miles, check the terms and conditions for refunds.
Redemption Rules
  • The number of miles needed to issue a ticket is the same for adults and children from 2 years;
  • You can redeem your miles to fly any GOL route, as long as seats are available;
  • Your Smiles Any Day Tickets are available for Economy and Comfort classes;
  • The Smiles Any Day Tickets must be issued for a specific date and are valid for a year from the issue date;
  • Intermediate stops are not allowed on any segment of the trip;
  • The amounts needed to redeem do not include boarding fees, government fees and other fees;
  • It is not allowed to change its name to tickets Smiles
  • Smile Any Day Tickets issued by redeeming miles do not accrue miles in the Smiles Program.

Refund terms
  • The refund is only permitted to valid miles, while the ticket is valid, before the start of the flight and after payment of the administrative fee, only for the valid miles.

Important: The Smiles Any Day award allows you to travel any time of the year, without seat restrictions (reserved for mileage fare), as long as seats are available in the selected flight.