8/14/2012 7:05 PM

Carol DTVM


Carol DTVM gives you all the support you need to purchase foreign currency. With over 20 years of experience, you are assured your transactions will be safe and officially authorized by the Central Bank. Don’t miss out!


To secure your miles, simply provide your Smiles numbers at the time of the transaction.

Contact Carol DTVM
Phone number.: (11) 2227-8899
Ombudsman: 0800 7705422

Legal Aspects and Obligations:
- Promotion valid for Smiles Customers
- For every US$1,000.00 (or equivalent in other currencies) transacted, the client will receive 250 Smiles miles.
- The client must provide his or her Smiles number at the time of purchase. If the client is not registered with the Smiles program, he or she will need to register before requesting a mileage transfer.
- Once the miles are credited, the client will be subject to the rules of the Smiles program, and making reservations and issuing tickets will be the client’s sole responsibility.​​