Smiles Cards

This is the card for the starting category in the Smiles Program, which you receive by email as soon as you register. With it, you can:

  • Earn Smiles miles every time you fly on GOL/Varig and partner airlines;
  • Earn even more miles every time you acquire products or hire services from the program's partner companies;
  • Use your miles to issue tickets to fly on GOL/Varig and partner airlines;
  • Upgrade your category, becoming a Silver Smiles Cardholder to enjoy even more benefits.

To upgrade categories, the Smiles Program analyses how often you have flown on GOL/Varig over the past 12 months (starting on the first month you started accruing miles) and checks or analyses if you have reached the necessary number of miles to upgrade.

For more details about the card category rules, check out the Smiles Program Regulations. If you're not a member yet, register now. Registration is free and you can enjoy all the benefits. Don't miss out!