Smiles Silver Card

If you fly often, the Smiles Silver Card is for you. It offers you more comfort in your trips, as well as other features to let you earn more miles on the Smiles Program. To get yours, all you need is 10 thousand miles accrued on GOL/Varig flights in a period of 12 consecutive months (starting on the first month you began accruing miles).

Additionally, with the Smiles Silver Card you can:

  • Receive a 25% bonus on miles flown on GOL/Varig; in other words, besides earning miles according to your chosen ticket fare, you receive extra miles just for belonging to the Silver category;
  • Accrue 5,000 bonus Smiles miles when you get your Silver Card;
  • Have the right to 10 kg (22 lbs) excess luggage in countries that establish luggage allowance by weight;

Keep flying because, aside from enjoying all the program's benefits, you will be able to remain in the Smiles Silver category or upgrade to the Smiles Gold Card category. If you do not reach the points required to remain a Smiles Silver client, you may be downgraded and return to the Smiles category. To find out more, read the program's Regulations. Enjoy and fly farther and farther with Smiles!