MEDIF - Medical form

MEDIF - Medical form

If you or someone you're traveling with has special needs due to a disability or will need to fly with a companion, please understand of the following requirements.

GOL customers must have their own doctors complete and sign the Medical Information Form (MEDIF). This document will prove that the customer has special needs.

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Necessary exams

So that the GOL medical team can evaluate all the necessary information in order to ensure the passenger's safety, in addition to filling out the MEDIF form, passengers with auditory or visual impairments must also provide an audiometric or ophthalmic medical report, respectively. For other special needs passengers, these medical reports are not required; only the MEDIF must be completed.

When do I need the form?

The deadline by which the MEDIF form must be submitted may vary depending on the type of special need, so please check this information ahead of time.

GOL must receive the MEDIF form in the period between 15 days and 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight date.

This form must be completed when a customer:

  • Has a condition that GOL has reason to believe is contagious.
  • May develop any behavior or unusual physical condition that may have an adverse effect on the well-being and comfort of other passengers or the crew.
  • May be considered a potential risk to the safety or punctuality of the flight (for example: causing a detour or the need for an additional landing).
  • May require medical attention or special equipment to maintain his or her health during the flight (oxygen or stretcher).
  • May have his medical condition aggravated during or due to the flight.
  • Needs medical monitoring or treatment during a flight.

GOL Authorization

In any of the cases cited above, a passenger’s clearance to board a flight is subject to prior authorization from GOL’s medical department, which will be based on the information pertaining to their physical and mental conditions provided by the customers themselves (via the MEDIF) or by a doctor.

If the requirements established by GOL are not met, customers who need medical authorization to travel may not be permitted to board; this is to ensure the safety of the customer and of other passengers. Customers who are not allowed to board may request a full refund of their ticket.

Need for a companion

Should a passenger need to travel with a companion, GOL offers an 80% discount on tickets for companions. Click here to download the form and see below how to complete the MEDIF form and submit it to GOL.

Recent surgeries

Customers who have recently undergone lung, heart, or brain surgery or any other major surgery may only board after submitting a MEDIF. Regardless of clearance from the physician responsible for the surgery, GOL doctors specializing in aerospace medicine must assess the possibility of boarding a pressurized cabin.


Passengers who use pacemakers cannot undergo inspections with metal detectors and therefore will not go through an X-ray machine when boarding. Such passengers will be submitted to an alternate inspection that does not interfere with the functioning of this device. Therefore, when checking in, these passengers need to present a medical report stating that they have a pacemaker.

Completing the MEDIF

Completing the form

Attachment A: Must be completed by the passenger, a legal guardian or legal representative.

Attachment B - Parts 1 and 2: Must be completed by the customer’s doctor.

Part 3 – Additional information for the MEDIF: Must be completed by the customer’s doctor.

The medical report must:

- Be issued on the same date as the MEDIF.

- Include the pathology of the customer’s condition.

- Include an ICD code.

- Include the passenger's clinical condition.


It is NOT mandatory that the report include the text "fit to travel."

The report must be issued by the same physician who completed and signed the MEDIF.

How to submit the form to GOL

  • After correctly and legibly completing the form, scan the three sheets (using a scanning device or multifunctional printer).

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    Save the scanned forms in JPEG or PDF format, in a folder of your preference on your computer.

  • Open your email program, attach the forms to a message and address the message to:

  • In the subject field, write: “MEDIF Preenchida” (completed MEDIF) and the LOCATOR (reservation code) of the passenger with special needs.

  • The medical document and/or the MEDIF will be assessed by the GOL medical team in up to 48 (forty eight) hours.

If you have any questions about how to complete the MEDIF, please contact GOL’s Online Customer Service  or the Customer Service Center.