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Through this notice, GOL Linhas Aéreas S.A. (hereinafter referred to as "GOL") - headquartered at Praça Senador Salgado Filho, no number, Santos Dumont Airport, ground floor, Public Area, between axes 46-48/O-P, Management Office – Back Office, Zip Code 20021-340, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, registered under CNPJ/MF No. 07.575.651/0001-59, with a branch at Praça Comandante Lineu Gomes, Entrance 3, Congonhas Airport, São Paulo, SP, Zip Code 04626-020, registered under CNPJ/MF No. 07.575.651/0004-00 - informs users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) of its protection policy for information of a personal nature (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) so that Users can freely and willingly decide whether to provide GOL with their Personal Information, which is required for the purchase or cancellation of specific services offered. GOL reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt to legislative or jurisprudential changes or changes in business practices. Whatever the case, GOL will give reasonable prior notice on its homepage of the implementation of such changes.

Some services provided by GOL may contain specific conditions related to Personal Information protection.

Personal Information collected by GOL shall be subject to automatic handling to be incorporated in its Personal Information records (henceforth "Registration”), which are the property and responsibility of GOL. GOL will provide Users with the appropriate technical resources so that they will be able to, in advance, agree to this Information Protection Policy or any other relevant information before they consent to the retention of said Personal Information. Except where otherwise indicated, the answers provided to Personal Information questions are voluntary, without prejudice to the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless otherwise stated.

The User assures that the Personal Information provided to GOL is true and that he or she will notify GOL of any changes to said Information.

The electronic Registration and use of Personal Information by GOL is conducted for the purpose of establishing a contractual relationship with Users or, if such is the case, managing, organizing, providing, expanding and improving the services provided to Users, as well as adapting the services to the preferences and tastes of Users, creating new related services, sending service updates, and sending, whether electronically or through traditional means, technical, operational and business information related to the products and services offered on the Portal (or through the Portal) and by third parties, including both current and future products and services. The electronic Registration and handling of Personal Information is also used to send forms and surveys, to which the User is not obligated to respond. Third parties contracted by GOL may electronically access Users' Personal Information for the specific purposes described herein.

In compliance with Brazilian law, GOL agrees to promptly correct any changes pertaining to the User's Personal Information. In order to do so, the User must inform GOL of any changes to his or her information.

GOL has adopted the legally required information security measures and strives to install all additional protection measures necessary to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, or undue removal of or unauthorized access to the Personal Information collected. Specifically, GOL uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security system, which allows Users to check the authenticity of the GOL webpage through certification systems and from the location where the Personal Information is being provided. This security system also guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of the Personal Information during the transmission thereof. However, the User should be aware that Internet security measures are not infallible.

GOL may use "cookies" when a User accesses the pages and websites of the Portal. The cookies that may be used by the websites and pages of the Portal are only associated with the browser of a specific computer and do not provide references that would allow anyone to infer the first and last name of the User. These cookies allow GOL to recognize Users who have logged into the website before so Users do not have to register with each new visit. Users can configure their browser to provide an on-screen notification about the installation of cookies ahead of time so they have the option to prevent cookies from being installed to the hard drive. Information pertaining to this setting is available in the browser's instruction manual. The User is not required to accept the cookies from GOL to use the Portal. However, should users decide not to accept cookies, they will have to complete the registration on the website every time they access a service that requires registration. GOL may install cookies that are used by the Portal's websites and pages, all of which come from servers operated by GOL or from third party servers that provide services and install cookies for GOL. Whenever the option to prevent cookies from being installed has not been activated, Users will be able to search their hard drives for the cookies according to their browser's instructions.

By visiting GOL's website and clicking on the "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy" field, the user expressly and unconditionally agrees to all of the terms and conditions, including receiving promotional email messages from GOL.

Should the user not wish to receive such promotional email messages from GOL, the user must cancel the subscription of their email by clicking on the "Cancel Subscription" link, which can be found in the footer of all email messages sent by GOL. The subscription shall be cancelled within 24 business hours.

The user may also request to stop receiving promotional email messages by contacting the Call Center at +55 11 0800 704 0465 or sending an email to eventomktgol@voegol.com.br. In such cases, cancellation will be completed within 48 business hours.

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