GOL offers several services for you to enjoy during your trip. That way, you relax and fly in greater comfort. Learn about each of them:​​​​​

  • GOL Premium

    You make the most of every second and time flies.Learn about the exclusive benefits for international flights.

  • Serviço de venda a bordo

    On-Board Sales Services

    If you get hungry during your flight, you can use GOL’s on-board sales service. Tasty options that make your flight even more delicious.

  • Entretenimento a Bordo

    GOL Magazine

    Take advantage of our on-board entertainment and take a look at the GOL Magazine. See how else you can better enjoy your flight.

  • Pre-purchase of excess baggage allowance

    Pre-purchase of excess baggage allowance

    By pre-purchasing excess baggage allowance, you can be sure you won’t need to leave anything behind.

  • GOL Premium Lounge

    GOL Premium Lounge

    GOL Premium Lounge has modern and sophisticated facilities. Enjoy all the comfort of the lounge and have a pleasant trip.

  • Special GOL seats

    Starting at an additional R$15.00, you can travel with more space between the seats.

  • Transporte entre aeroportos

    Transportation Between Airports

    More comfort and peace of mind when arriving at your destination. Fly GOL and take advantage of our free shuttle service between airports.

  • Atendimento preferencial

    Preferential Service

    Should you need assistance during the flight, see the information on special passengers to make your trip is as pleasant as possible.