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Thinking about everyone's health, we request the use of masks in all flights

The recommendantion apllies to customers and crew, following the guidelines of public agencies.

The events that occurred across the world in the last few weeks made us urgently reassess manu of our habits, attitudes and beliefs. This includes not only the most complex dynamics of how our society works, but also small gestures in our routine, such as how often we wash our hands or how we interact or greet people.

The use of masks in order to prevent the spread of diseases, which was previously limited to some countries in Asia, such as Japan, is one of those habits that will certainly become increasingly more present worldwide. At the moment, in which we are still facing the critical stage of a pandemic of worldwide proportions, this becomes a matter of collective safety, rather than an personal decision.

Since GOL was founded, almost two decades ago, one of the pillars of its dna has been the constant concern for the safety of its customers, employees and society. There is no issue that supersedes the care with every detail when ensuring the highest standards of caution, always and at all levels.



As a result, pursuant to the most recent scientific information and recommendations by several public entities in Brazil and around the world, since May 10, GOL requires that all passengers wear face masks in all flights operated by the Company. This measure is already in effect for all of the Company’s employees.

During this period, we will use our communication channels to guide those who have flights booked with us and share recommendations on the best way to make homemade non-surgical face masks. We count on you to reinforce the measures taken by GOL with the travelers of your company.

Our surveys carried out in the last few days reveal that over 90% of passengers in the Company’s flights already wear masks. The index indicates that this measure is characterized by respect and empathy, promoting quite emphatically the ethical precept that has always guided us: when it comes to safety, individual ideas never overcome collective ones.

Our main goal, as always, is that everyone on board has a safe and pleasant experience in the shared space that characterizes an aircraft.

Cleaning inside the aircraft


We also take this opportunity to point out that our already strict sanitation standards have been intensified over the last few months and that all of our aircrafts have a HEPA filter, a device that eliminates 99.7% of any particles harmful to health from the air, such as viruses and bactéria.

In addition, the Company implemented an improved night cleaning process with the use of hospital grade disinfectant for the service galleries and all areas of intense use in the cabin, including that of the pilots.

GOL has also been constantly handing out gloves and face masks to its employees, in addition to providing alcohol-based hand rub dispensers in its aircraft for crew members and passengers. We have also adopted extraordinary service measures in order to reinforce our health and safety procedures, encouraging social distancing as much as possible.

Other preventive measures we have adopted


We advise everyone to check in through our website or application and, to avoid touching the surface of the screen, we turn off the self-service totems at airports. These devices now have QR Codes that direct the Customer directly to our APP. In this way, passengers can go directly to the departure gate, where they must keep a social distance even when forming queing for boarding. Our teams are attentive to encourage this attitude and inform the right time to go to the gate. Other measures include the closure of airport VIP rooms lounges to prevent crowding and the suspension of cabin service.

With this additional initiative, we are sure our contribution will help Brazilian society combat this disease in a manner that is not only effective, but also in line with our principle of being: simple, human and smart.

The flights that we are maintaining in operation during this period of the crisis resulting from Covid-19 reach all the capitals of the country and have been fundamental for the displacement of those who are at the forefront of this confrontation, including health professionals, to whom we granted free access to our aircrafts since March 23rd.

Image of an illustration of a crew member wearing a mask