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By reducing distances, we become better connected. We become a bridge between desires and accomplishments. Learn about the initiatives GOL sponsors.

Sponsored Projects

Learn about the events sponsored by GOL

Rock in Rio

Since 2013, GOL has been the official airline of Rock in Rio, the largest music and entertainment festival in the world.

Football Confederation

GOL is not only the official airline of the Brazilian Football Confederation, it also sponsors the Brazilian Championship's A Series and every game of the national team.

Volleyball Confederation

GOL sponsors every competition of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation. The Superliga, Grand Prix and Beach Volleyball World Championship are just a few examples.

Fernandes Institute

GOL sponsors Paralympic athlete Fernando Fernandes, world paracanoe champion and two-time South-American paracanoe champion.

Pacto pelo Esporte (The Sports Pact)

Pacto pelo Esporte is a Brazilian NGO whose mission is to bring improvements and increase transparency in Brazilian sports. GOL is both a signatory and a sponsor of Pacto pelo Esporte.

Trip Transformadores (Transformative Trip)

A movement for a more intelligent, humane and balanced world. GOL also created the New Times Award in 2017, which recognizes projects related to innovation and time.

Afro Reggae

Since 1993, this NGO has pursued its mission of promoting social inclusion and justice through art, African-Brazilian culture, and education.

Casa TPM

GOL supports Casa TPM, an event organized by the publisher Trip to promote reflection on women's issues.

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Before you submit a request for sponsorship, make sure your project is aligned with

the spirit of the programs GOL sponsors. It is essential that your proposal include:

A relationship with culture through music.

A relationship with team sports

Values shared by GOL

A scope that encompasses destinations in Brazil and South America

Potential online reverberation and visibility for the brand

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