Safety is our number one value. It is yours, of our team and of our planet. For this reason, GOL has several initiatives that help us take you higher and higher, without harming the environment and making the world a better place.

Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy was created to present our commitment and principles for Sustainable Development and as a guide to GOL's management relationship to all employees and partners.

Air and ground safety

This is our Number One Value and it is an untouchable pre-condition for any and all decisions.

Customer Relationship

We serve everyone with the GOL way of serving, being inclusive, accessible bringing comfort and agility to give more life to your time.

Eagles Team

We have the best team in Brazilian aviation, committed to diversity, evolution and professional development and the health and safety of all employees.

Climate change

We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing efficiency in fuel consumption, intelligent network design, technological upgrades, operational improvements and contribution to the development of sustainable aviation fuel value chains.

Social Responsibility (CSR)

We contribute to positive and permanent changes through social investment, donation of tickets and cargo transportation for initiatives in education, sports, civics, accessibility and volunteering.

With this policy, we can guide GOL's environmental management strategies and programs, so that we can fly even higher and offer the best to you without harming our planet.

GOL Environmental Policy Principles, to be adopted for all activities, products and services, at all levels of the organization, at all national stations and headquarters:

Legal requirements

Commitment to comply with all legal requirements, as well as all other environmental obligations assumed by GOL.

Impact mitigation

Adopt environmental management practices to prevent, control and minimize the risks and adverse impacts of your business on the environment, society and biodiversity;

Continuous improvement

Promote the continuous improvement of environmental management with smart solutions, innovation and technologies, technically and economically viable, reducing pollution and waste;.

Emissions neutralization

Continuously improve the efficiency of its greenhouse gas emissions, offering solutions to offset emissions and actively working to promote the development of sustainable low-emission fuels.

Wildlife trafficking

Zero tolerance for wildlife trafficking and transport of hunting trophies.

Have any questions or suggestions? Talk to our GOL Environment team! Send an email to

Certificates and Membership

IEnvA Certification

GOL is certified by the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) Stage 1, verified by an
external audit, ensuring that we have developed a clear and comprehensive environmental
policy. We have well-established leadership and responsibilities, also addressing relevant
environmental compliance issues and obligations. Likewise, we are committed to receiving
soon the full IEnvA Stage 2 certification, equivalent to ISO 14000. Learn more.

Brazil GHG Protocol

GOL has been a member of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program since 2010. Since 2011,
GOL has recognized with the Gold level, voluntarily publishing a complete inventory of
greenhouse gas emissions in the Public Emissions Registry, verified by an accredited third
party. Learn more about the Program. Learn more.


GOL is one of the companies selected to compose the portfolio of the Carbon Efficient Index
(ICO2) of B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão. Created in 2010, the Carbon Efficient Index aims to be
an instrument to induce discussions on climate change in Brazil. GOL's membership
demonstrates our commitment to the transparency of our greenhouse gas emissions and
anticipates the vision of how we are preparing for a low carbon economy. Learn more.

Zona da Mata Biokerosene Platform

GOL is a co-founder of the Zona da Mata Biokerosene and Renewables Platform in Minas
Gerais, aiming the environmental restoration with Macaúba of degraded areas of the Atlantic
Forest, a Brazilian biodiversity native oilseed, for carbon sequestration and production of
sustainable aviation fuels and renewables, promoting development regional sustainability,
with the inclusion of family farming and agribusiness in the low carbon economy advocated
by the Paris Agreement.


GOL is a member of the Brazilian Union of Biodiesel and Biokerosene (Ubrabio), a non-
profitable association that nationally represents the entire value chain of these biofuels. The
entity leads the segment and acts as an interlocutor between society and government to
mobilize and unite efforts, resources and knowledge in the search for the development of the
Biokerosene industry in Brazil. Learn more.


GOL is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), an independent
and global multi-stakeholder organization that drives the development of a circular and
globally bio-based economy through sustainability, certification and collaborative
partnerships. RSB's tools and solutions help us reduce the risk of our business and
contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more.


We fully report our greenhouse gas emissions in the CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project.
Assuming that companies that measure their environmental risk are better able to manage it
strategically and those that are transparent and disclose this information are providing
decision makers with access to a critical source of global data, we will contribute with
necessary evidences and insights, building a truly sustainable economy. Learn more.

As a natural consequence of organizational maturity, we have developed a Social Support Policy to make transparent our relationship with people and be more effective in our collaboration to a society transformation.

The policy is based on five pillars:


A fundamental and indispensable tool to achieve a deep and sustainable transformation in society.


Instrument to boost human and social development, at the same time that it is characterized as an important educational role.


The patriotic sense broadens and develops the family spirit, clarifies civic behavior and the promotion of the common good, facilitating social interaction and the promotion of justice in the construction of a more egalitarian and ethical society.


It is important to recognize that accessibility and social inclusion are necessary conditions for the achievement of the right to freedom.


The Águias do Bem program was created in 2006 and is a fundamental tool to encourage volunteering for employees, to promote citizens who develop voluntary activities and positively transform the environment in which they act.

Supporting events, actions, campaigns, projects and voluntary activities in the airline, the initiative was one of the highlights in the assessment made by the magazines Você S/A and FIA, which recognized GOL as one of the 150 best companies to work for.

Joining these five pillars, we have the GOL Institute, created in 2010 with the objective of investing in vocational education for low-income young people to attract and qualify professionals to the commercial aviation sector.

The GOL Institute also has a Social Projects Evaluation Committee (CAPS), which evaluates projects based on the company's Social Support Policy, and also with the Águias do Bem team, created to inspire real stories of social transformation.

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