Restrictions for smart bags


Please be advised that restrictions apply when taking smart bags – baggage with features such as GPS, Wi-Fi, remote locking, power banks, among others – onboard the aircraft as carry-on and checked baggage. Since they are powered by lithium batteries, there is a risk that they may short-circuit and catch fire, which would be difficult to contain inside the aircraft's hold.

GOL allows smart bags with batteries rated up to 100 Wh to be brought onboard as carry-on baggage, or to be checked if they have a removable battery – in which case, the battery needs to be removed and brought on the cabin as a carry-on item. Smart bags with batteries rated above 100 Wh will not be allowed inside our aircraft under any circumstances. We're available to answer any questions or hear any suggestions. Just call our Customer Service Center. In Brazil, dial 0300 115 21 21.

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