Air operations are canceled in Argentina

Flights can be rescheduled from September 1st

According to ANAC´S resolution -NATIONAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION- (RES-2020-144) , all flights are cancelled at the moment.
Check the rules:


It is stated that all the airline companies that operate with origin or destination in the Argentinian territory can reschedule their flights after September 1 st.


The companies are allowed to enable new tickets only to fly from September.


Still this permission (to operate again), will depend on future decisions taken in the country during the next two months, in order to deal with the scenario caused by the COVID -19.


We keep accomplishing the most strict patterns of safety in our fleet. We also continue with policies of changes that are more flexible so that you can travel relaxed and as soon as you can.

In case you have a ticket programmed with GOL to fly before September 1 st, click here and learn how to change the date.