Organize your documents before boarding.

They must be in good condition and have a photo that can be used to identify the passenger.


Documents accepted for domestic flights

Brazilian passengers 18 years of age and older

  • ID card (RG).
  • Passport.
  • Brazilian Driver's License (original document with picture).
  • CNH-e (Electronic Brazilian Driver's Licenses) are now accepted as a form of ID for boarding domestic segments. The information on the CNH-e must match the information on the boarding pass in order for it to be accepted as a valid ID. The document must be presented using the CNH Digital app on the passenger's cell phone.
  • Please note: screen captures or pictures of the CNH-e are cannot be used as a boarding ID.

  • DNI (National Identity Document)
  • Electronic Voter Registration (with legal name or social name)
  • Professional ID Cards issued by National Councils (with picture), provided they are valid nationwide.
  • Employment Card (Carteira de Trabalho).*
  • Identification cards issued by the judicial or legislative branches at the federal or state levels, as well as identification cards issued by any ministry or government branch under the authority of the President of the Republic, including the Ministry of Defense, Air Force, Navy and Army.
  • In the event of theft or loss of one of these documents, customers may present a police report (Boletim de Ocorrência). The amount of time the police report can be used in lieu of an ID is determined by the issuing authority.

* Document valid for domestic travel by passengers 16 years of age and older.

ANAC Authorization Form

The Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) provides a standard form that parents or guardians can fill out and print to authorize minors under the age of 12 to fly accompanied by an adult who is not a close relative (first, second, or third-degree relative). Click here to open the form.

Brazilian passengers between 12 and 17 years of age

  • Passport.
  • An original ID card (RG) or a certified copy.
  • Work permit
  • DNI (National Identity Document)
  • Police reports (Boletim de Ocorrência) will only be accepted for children under 12 years of age with an authorization from the local Family Court (Vara da Infância e da Juventude).

For information on the required boarding documents for unaccompanied minors, please click here.

Foreign passengers:

Foreign nationals boarding domestic flights in Brazil will need to show one of the following documents:

  • A valid passport.
  • If you are a foreign national residing in Brazil you must show an RNE (National Registry of Foreigners) or a Protocolo de Renovação (RNE Renewal Procedure) issued by the Brazilian Federal Police.
  • A diplomatic or consular ID.
  • An original photo ID or valid passport if you are a citizen of a Mercosul member or associated country.

If you are a foreign national from a country outside Mercosul, you are required to show your passport.

The "Libreta Cívica" and the "Libreta de Enrolamento" issued in Argentina are no longer accepted for international or domestic travel as of March 15, 2012.

Important: Documents cannot be past their expiration date, except for RNEs belonging to seniors over the age of 60.


Documents for international flights

Countries that are Mercosul members or that have travel agreements with Brazil, such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia, also accept:

  • Original ID Card
  • Original Civil Identification Registration (RIC)
  • Original Foreigner Identification Card issued by the Federal Police (RNE)
  • Original, valid passport

If you are a citizen of a Mercosul member or associated country, you need only show an original photo ID or a valid passport.

If you are a foreign national from a country outside Mercosul, you are required to show your passport.

Important: Documents cannot be past their expiration date, except for RNEs belonging to seniors over the age of 60.

GOL destinations that require a visa:

  • United States
  • Panama (except for stays of 180 days or less when for tourism purposes)
  • Dominican Republic (except for Brazilians, who may obtain a Tourist Card upon arrival for a stay of up to 30 days)
  • Suriname (Except for stays of 3 months or less. In this case, a 100-dollar fee will apply)

Please note: Before purchasing your ticket, please check with your destination country’s consulate for additional information, such as:

  • Rules regarding the expiration date of your passport when you arrive at the port of entry.
  • Rules regarding the validity and expiration of your entry visa.

Find out what documents are required for children and unaccompanied minors to board.

Are you going to travel to Cancun? Pay attention!

For trips to or from the Mexican city, you must present the Immigration Form of the country.

It is imperative that travelers, of all ages, present the printed form in two copies: the first one must be submitted at the entrance of the immigration and the second must be delivered on the return. If the traveler does not present it, he will have to request a duplicate, paying for it.

Access the form here and fill in.


Required documents for infants and children

The documentation requirements apply to domestic and international GOL flights and ensure a pleasant trip, free of complications. Click here to learn about the documents required for unaccompanied children and minors to travel. To learn more about the documents required for children to travel accompanied by a third degree or closer relative, click here.

*Outdated RG (Brazilian ID) cards that are laminated or in poor condition will not be accepted.

Minors’ RG (Brazilian ID) cards will only be accepted when accompanied by a birth certificate.

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