Learn about the difference between a connection and a stopover

Flights with connections

On connecting flights, you must disembark and board a different aircraft to continue your trip. If necessary, ask GOL’s staff for information when you arrive at the airport where you will be making your first connection. In these cases, remember:

  • You will not need to claim your baggage at the connecting airport, only at your final destination.
  • You will not need to check in again.
  • For international flights, when you enter the boarding area, you will need to go through immigration control at the Federal Police checkpoint. There, agents will inspect your documents again.
  • Passengers who require special assistance, such as elderly passengers, expectant mothers and people with disabilities or reduced mobility, are given priority during boarding, as are passengers enrolled in the Smiles Diamond and Smiles Gold programs.

Flights with stopovers

If your airplane is making a stopover, you do not need to disembark. Stopovers are normally made to refuel or to board new passengers. Follow the flight crew’s safety recommendations, have your boarding pass ready to show to GOL’s staff at the stopover airport and enjoy your flight.

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