Reserve your ticket and have more time to decide on your trip

Planning the next trip is something everyone loves to do, but sometimes you need to get a few things out of the way before you can buy a ticket. That’s when you ask yourself, "Should I take advantage of this amazing fare or do I need to take care of some other things first?" With Guaranteed Fare, you don't have to choose!

See how this new service works and make the most of it:


Simply pay a small fee from U$ 15 per passenger to put a 48-hour hold on the fare you found.

That way, you will have the time to leisurely look into whether the hotel you want will be available, whether you can take time off on that day or if that special someone will be able to come with you.

* The guaranteed fare service is not available for purchase on the GOL websites for Argentina and Uruguay.


Search for tickets

Select the destination, the dates, and the number of passengers and look for offers as you normally would.


Choose the perfect fare for you*

Consider the benefits of each offer and select the one that's best for you. Under the fares, select the “Hold this Fare” option to start the reservation process.

* The Guaranteed Fare service is not available for promotional (PROMO) fares and cannot be hired in “Anonymous purchase” mode.


Pay the fee to hold the fare

After choosing your fare, simply pay the fee. You can reserve the service for as many passengers as you like. The service will be charged individually, according to the number of passengers, just like the reservation.


Plan your trip in up to 48 hours

The payment of the fee guarantees that your fare will be held for up to 48 hours. Use the time to better plan your trip without worrying about whether you will get that same fare later on.


Purchase your tickets

Once you've planed your trip, you can then go to My Reservations and purchase your tickets, as long as it's within the 48-hour hold period.


Missing the 48-hour deadline

The Guaranteed Fare fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether or not you purchase the tickets or take advantage of the offer placed on hold.

Take advantage of this convenient new service from GOL to plan your next trip.

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