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For the health and safety of everyone on board,
wearing a mask is mandatory on our flights.

Following the law nº14.019 of July 2, 2020, the measure applies to all customers and crew.

The events that took place over the last year brought us the need to re-think our habits, attitudes and beliefs, for instance, our hands hygiene or the way we interact and greet people.

The use of masks as a way to avoid the transmission of diseases, have become mandatory all over the world. Therefore, at the moment, this is now a matter of collective safety rather than an individual decision. Since its foundation, GOL has as one of the pillars of its genetic code the obstinate zeal for the Safety of its customers, Employees and Society.

At the current moment of the pandemic, considering the scenario in Brazil and in the world, as well as the recent discoveries of new Coronavirus variants, the following mask models are the only models allowed on GOL’s flights, this applies to passengers and employees.

• Surgical disposable masks;
• Masks models FPP2 and NP5, both without valve;
• Triple layer fabric masks.

GOL reiterates the importance of this individual and collective protection equipment, and informs that its procedures have the Einstein Certification – Covid-19 Quality and Safety Standard.

Our goal

Our main goal is for everyone on board to have a safe and pleasant experience in the shared space that characterizes an aircraft, with respect, empathy, and with the ethical precept that have always guided us: when it comes to Safety, the individual never overlaps the collective.


Thus, based on the most recent scientific information and the recommendations of various public bodies - national and international - GOL, since May 10, requires all its passengers to wear masks, brought by the passengers themselves, on all flights operated by the company. The same measure is valid for all employees of the company, without exception.

During this period, we will use our communication channels to guide those who have flights booked with us and we will share recommendations on the best possible way to make homemade non-surgical masks. 

Our surveys carried out in recent days show that more than 90% of people who board the company's planes already wear masks. The index shows that this measure is also characterized by respect and empathy, emphatically promoting the ethical precept that has always guided us: when it comes to Safety, the individual never takes precedence over the collective.

Since we’re here, we’d like to reiterate that our strict sanitization standards were intensified over the last few months and that all of our aircrafts have HEPA filters, an equipment that eliminates 99,99% of any harmful particles (virus and bacteria) from the air. 

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Cleaning inside the aircraft


Besides that, the company have implemented an enhanced process of night cleaning, using hospital sanitizer to clean the service galleries and the most used areas in the cabin, including the pilot’s one.

GOL has also distributed gloves and masks to its employees, besides providing hand sanitizers to the crew and customers in the aircrafts. We also adopted extraordinary service measures aiming the strengthening of Health and Safety procedures and encouraging social distancing as much as possible. 

We advise all of our customers to check-in through our website or App and, to avoid touching the screen’s surface, we shut off all the self-service totems at the airports. These devices currently have QR codes that take the client directly to our App. This way, the passengers are able to go directly to the boarding gate, where they must be aware at a distance from other people when forming queues for boarding. Our teams are alert to encourage this attitude and to inform the right time to go to the gate. Other measures include the closing of the airport’s VIP rooms to avoid agglomerations and the suspension of on-board service.

Other preventive measures we have adopted


With this attitude we’re certain that we’re contributing to Brazilian society to promote a coping which is not only effective, but also aligned with our way of being: simple, human and smart.

The flights that are still operating during this period of crisis resulting from COVID-19 reach every capital in the country and has been pivotal for the displacement of those who are at the forefront of this coping, including healthcare professionals to whom we have granted free access to our aircrafts since March 23, 2020.

As always, we make ourselves available with the entire GOL Team of Eagles and in all of our channels to talk more about the adoption of this measure and assist our customers, partners and employees on any points and questions that may arise. 

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