With Smiles, GOL's Relationship Program, accrual miles is very easy. You can accrual miles in different ways and the more services you use, the more miles you can earn!

You can earn miles by:

  • Flying on GOL/Varig;
  • Flying with the Smiles Program’s partner airlines (Air France, KLM, Qatar and Delta Air Lines);
  • Buying products or hiring services from partner companies (such as credit cards, hotels, online stores and much more).

To take advantage of always, be sure to inform your Smiles number when buying tickets or during check-in to accrual miles.


See how easy it is to earn Smiles miles when flying with our partner airlines.

The mileage credit will be proportional to the distance between your trip’s origin and destination.

Each segment equals 1,000 miles and represents direct flights, without connections or stopovers.