Partner Airlines



To give you access to new destinations and more options for accruing miles on your trips around the world, the Smiles Program has partnered with airlines that travel to various destinations in over 100 countries. You can fly with Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Qatar Airways and earn miles on your Smiles account, like you do on GOL/VARIG flights. With this added feature, Smiles participants have a world of new possibilities to enjoy!

See how easy it is to earn Smiles miles when flying with our partner airlines:

  • Identify yourself as a Smiles member when purchasing your ticket or checking in;
  • All you need to do is provide your Smiles number;
  • You can purchase your ticket and identify yourself as a Smiles member right on the partner airlines’ web sites;
  • Your miles will be credited to your Smiles account in up to seven days after your flight;

In the event that your flight’s miles do not appear on your Smiles account after seven days, please file a Flight credit request and normalize the situation. In addition, before you obtain your flight ticket, pay attention! Not all flight classes or ticket fares earn miles. Therefore, please check the fare rules at the time of your ticket purchase to confirm whether your flight choices give you the right to miles credits.​​​