Have you already updated your registration info?

If you registered on Smiles Program before 10/15/2008 please make sure to update your information.

It's very simple! In our site, just access the area "My Smiles" and enter your password and Smiles number. If you don't already have it or have forgotten your password, choose the option "Forgot my password" and then "I forgot my Smiles number

Update your registration data to continue enjoying all the advantages that only Smiles can offer.

If you have your Smiles number and password, access your account through the "My Smiles" link on the home page and choose the Change Data option.

The information that is already in the system will show up in the fields; simply update the fields that are outdated and/or blank.

If you don’t remember your Smiles number and/or your password, you will need to go through a few more options: "I forgot my Smiles card number" or "Forgot my password​" in order to access your account and finish updating your information. As soon as your information is updated you will be able to issue award tickets.

Update your Resgistration​​​ ​​​