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GOL: Brazil's Airline

By reducing distances, we become better connected. We become a bridge between desires and accomplishments.

Learn about the initiatives GOL sponsors

  • Brazilian Football Confederation

    Brazilian Football Confederation

    GOL is not only the official airline of the Brazilian Football Confederation, it also sponsors the Brazilian Championship's A Series and every game of the national team.

  • Brazilian Volleyball Confederation

    Brazilian Volleyball Confederation

    GOL sponsors every competition of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation. The Superliga, Grand Prix and Beach Volleyball World Championship are just a few examples.

  • Pacto pelo Esporte (The Sports Pact)

    Pacto pelo Esporte (The Sports Pact)

    Pacto pelo Esporte is a Brazilian NGO whose mission is to bring improvements and increase transparency in Brazilian sports. GOL is both a signatory and a sponsor of Pacto pelo Esporte.

  • Trip Transformadores (Transformative Trip)

    Trip Transformadores (Transformative Trip)

    A movement for a more intelligent, humane and balanced world. GOL also created the New Times Award in 2017, which recognizes projects related to innovation and time.

  • Fernando Fernandes Institute

    Fernando Fernandes Institute

    GOL sponsors Paralympic athlete Fernando Fernandes, world paracanoe champion and two-time South-American paracanoe champion.

  • Afro Reggae

    Afro Reggae

    Since 1993, this NGO has pursued its mission of promoting social inclusion and justice through art, African-Brazilian culture, and education.

  • Casa TPM

    Casa TPM

    GOL supports Casa TPM, an event organized by the publisher Trip to promote reflection on women's issues.

  • Liga de Basquete Feminino

    Women’s Basketball League

    Besides being the official carrier, all of the LBF “Liga de Basquete Feminino” games are sponsored by GOL.

Sponsorship Request

Before you submit a request for sponsorship, make sure your project is aligned with the spirit of the programs GOL sponsors.

It is essential that your proposal include:

  • coracao

    Values shared by GOL.

  • alcance

    ​A scope that encompasses destinations in Brazil and South America.

  • olho

    ​Potential online reverberation and visibility for the brand.

  • Musica

    ​A relationship with culture through music.

  • rosto

    ​A relationship with team sports.

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