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We invite you to board a flight through our way of taking care of your personal data, starting with check-in!
We are GOL Linhas Aéreas (“GOL”) and we present here our Privacy Policy.
In 2021, Smiles Fidelidade S.A., manager of the Smiles Program, was incorporated into GOL being part of GOL brands such as GOLLOG, AEROTECH and VoeBiz.
From now on you will be called “Holder” and we will explain how your personal data is handled and your rights under the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD).
Our privacy practices may vary from country to country depending on local requirements. Some of our products and services offered abroad may be subject to specific privacy notices to meet compliance requirements that are not covered by this policy.
Now that we have checked you in, we recommend that you settle into your seat, fasten your seat belt and have a good trip!

Gol Linhas Aéreas S.A.

CNPJ: 07.575.651/0001-59
Address: Praça Cmte. Linneu Gomes S/N, Gatehouse 3, Congonhas, Jd. Aeroporto, São Paulo - SP
ZIP CODE: 04626-020
Contact with the Data Protection Officer (DPO):
If you wish to exercise your rights as a data subject, please click here.

What types of holders are covered by this policy?

  • Customers;
  • Potential Customers;
  • Suppliers;
  • Partners;
  • Job applicants
  • Visitors; and
  • Collaborators’ guests.

What personal data do we handle?

  • Identification: name, CPF, RG, gender, civil state, nationality, social name, birth date, passport, Smiles number, Customer class, signature. 
  • Personal contact: telephone number, cellphone number, login, email address, post code, home address;
  • Collected while using GOL's platforms: information about the Holder's device (operating system version, device model, etc.); geolocation data, internet application access logs; browser type; clicks; usage time; duration of access; COOKIES and other technical information that may be accessible while using our platforms; preferences actions; browsing data (IP; date and time of access, etc.)
  • Collected during selection processes carried out by candidates: Name, age, marital status, nationality, birthplace, residential address, telephone, e-mail, professional history, professional licenses and associations, academic history, gender, social media, occupational health certificate, ID, CPF and Passport.
  • Finance: bank agency; credit card; checking account; transaction history; histories of operations carried out by the Holder in benefit programs during the consumption of products and services provided by GOL;
  • Interactions with GOL: transactions and data related to trips; NSU number; number of miles; voice data; content of complaints; Image; data collected during the consumption of products and/or services provided by GOL and/or by GOL's Partners;
  • Sensible data: biometric data, health related data;

How do we process children and teenagers’ data?

We may occasionally process data of children (under 12 years of age) and teenagers (under 16 years of age) in order to provide services related to the travel of the minor, to the apprentice program, and to comply with legal obligations. The personal data of minors will only be processed in the cases permitted by law and in their best interests.

What do we process personal data for?

  • Carry out registrations, identification and authentication of our Holders, whenever applicable;
  • Deliver the services and products hired;
  • Share with our partners for the provision and execution of services, products and benefits contracted by the Card Holder;
  • Manage the requests arising from some of our services/products contracted by the Card Holder;
  • Respond to requests and questions through our contact channels;
  • Manage our relationship with you, updating your records and contacting you by phone, e-mail, SMS, direct mail, or other means of communication;
  • Conduct satisfaction/opinion surveys;
  • Informing the Holder about our promotions, news, services, news, contents, functionalities and other relevant events of GOL and its partners;
  • Carry out media campaigns and events;
  • Make segmented and personalized offers of services, content, and products;
  • Perform analysis of our platforms to improve performance and provide the Cardholder with functionality tailored to his or her preferences;
  • Complying with legal or regulatory obligations and/or exercise rights in legal, administrative or arbitration proceedings;
  • Increase the security of our channels and fight fraud;
  • Enriching our databases with information from legitimate sources, if applicable, aiming at maintaining contact with the Card Holder;
  • Understanding the consumer profile in order to better offer products and services by GOL;
  • Manage access control;
  • Perform audits;
  • Manage contracts; and
  • Carry out recruitment and selection processes.

With whom may we share personal data?

  • Business partners;
  • Service providers, suppliers;
  • Companies belonging to the same Economic Group;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Third Parties in case of corporate reorganization;
  • Companies providing specific anti-fraud services;
  • Partner companies that support us with recruitment and selection processes;
  • With judicial bodies and law firms in eventual legal demands; and
  • With public agencies and administrative entities, such as the Federal Revenue Service, ANAC, among others.

How do we keep personal data safe?

We have adopted several effective security measures, following market standards, such as:

  • Encryption;
  • Data Governance Program;
  • Information Security Management
  • Environment Protection and Physical and Logical Security;
  • Information Asset Management;
  • Access Management;
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Intrusion Testing;
  • Malicious Software Control; and
  • Information Security Awareness.

What are the rights of the data Holder?

  • Access to personal data shared with GOL;
  • Request the deletion of your data;
  • Confirmation of the existence of personal data processing by GOL;
  • Correction/update of your data, as needed;
  • Request for anonymization, blocking or deletion of your data;
  • Portability of your data to another service or product provider, where applicable;
  • Sharing information; and
  • Revocation of consent granted to GOL.

How long will we process your personal data?

Strictly necessary personal data will be kept as long as they are indispensable for the achievement of the processing purpose, except in cases in which it is necessary to preserve personal data for compliance with legal and/or regulatory obligations by GOL, or for the exercise of rights before judicial, administrative and arbitration claims.

How do we process international personal data transfer?

Eventually, we may need to transfer our customers' personal data collected in Brazil to our suppliers and partners located in other countries, in order to provide the products and/or services that we offer and contract. We are concerned about having Suppliers and Partners demonstrate that they are in the process of compliance, or in compliance with local laws on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data.

Announcements and Advertising

If you no longer wish to receive communications from us, no problem! Opt out by clicking on the option available in the communication you received.

Contact channels:

If you no longer wish to receive communications from us, no problem! Opt out by clicking on the option available in the communication you received. If you have questions and/or requests related to the processing of your personal data, please contact us through the channel of our Person in Charge of Personal Data Processing (DPO):


Praça Comandante Lineu Gomes, Portaria 3, Aeroporto Congonhas, São Paulo/SP

If you want to exercise your rights as a data subject, click here.

If you want to exercise your rights as a data subject, click here.
For various matters of privacy and protection of personal data, we ask that you contact us through the channels available on our website.

Date of last publication: 22/05/2023