Cidade de São Paulo

Visit São Paulo before arriving at your final destination

Before reaching your final destination, how about taking the chance to deplane and enjoy the attractions of São Paulo? You can now do exactly that and stay for one or two nights with no additional fees on your fare.

Here's how it works

  • Embarque

    You start your flight, which has a segment with a connection at Congonhas Airport (CGH), Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) or Viracopos International Airport (VCP).

  • Localização

    Then you deplane during a stopover at one of the corresponding cities: São Paulo or Campinas.

  • Aproveite o tempo

    You take advantage of the extra time to explore the local attractions.

  • Avião

    And then you take off again for your next destination.

The Stopover service is available for only one segment of your flight

Please keep this in mind when making your reservation. Check it out:

  • Check the "Stopover" option when searching for your flight.
  • Select whether you would like to make the stopover during the outgoing or return flight.
  • Then simply select the dates, along with the origin, destination, and stopover airports.

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What you must know:

When selecting the stopover airport, be aware that you will have to embark from the same airport for your next destination. For example, if you deplane at Congonhas Airport (CGH) for your stopover, you will need to embark from the same airport to continue your trip.

Learn the other rules

How much time do I have during the stopover?

When making a stopover, you must remain for at least 12 hours, and the deadline to continue your trip is 11:59 PM on the second day of the stopover. The passenger will need to stay overnight at the stopover location for at least one night.

What will happen with my baggage?

You must retrieve your checked baggage at the stopover airport, and then check it again when embarking for the rest of your trip. Also, for domestic flights, if you check a 2nd or 3rd baggage item in addition to the 1st free item, you must pay the extra baggage fees for each segment involved in the Stopover service.

How will the boarding fee apply?

The fee will apply to each individual segment, as you will use the departure airport's services on the regular segment and then use airport services at the stopover location when re-embarking.

Terms and conditions

Check the rules for using the Stopover service:

View the Stopover rules

In case of change or cancelation, all applicable fees will be charged for each flight segment according to the fare rules, including those segments on which the Stopover service is to be used.

The Travel Companion service is not available for itineraries that include the Stopover service.

Reservations with the Stopover service cannot be paid with Smiles miles or VoeBiz points.

Stopover is only available on flights operated by GOL.