Understand CO2 emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant gas released into the atmosphere from several ways. Along with other gases, it has a greenhouse effect and contributes to warming which, in turn, causes harmful effects on our environment, compromising human and animal life. 



  • pé

    All of us, people and companies, have a “carbon footprint”* in the Planet and when we travel by plane, it’s not so different. 

  • avião

    For some time, GOL invests on many initiatives to soften its impacts and, we are the first Airline from Latin America to stablish the commitment to have net-zero CO2 emission by 2050. 

  • folha

    Now, we offer you an opportunity to compensate your emission in very simple way and soften your impacts on the environment. 

 *Carbon footprint or Carbon footprint is our environmental footprint in the world, in other words, the amount of carbon dioxide we produce. 


img When you travel, your flight emits a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. And now you can make up for it with our new functionality in partnership with MOSS

How does the CO2 compensation work with GOL?

01. CO2

When you buy your ticket, we will send you an email informing you how much CO2 you will emit in your trip. 

02. MOSS

On this e-mail, you will have the option through MOSS website. It’s very easy and quick. 


After that, you will be redirect to a webpage where you can buy carbon credits (MCO2) and make that transaction.  


The amount in Reais of your compensation will be destined to Amazon Rainforest preservation projects. 


Congratulations! You have contributed to a more CO2-free planet and will receive a Certified by MOSS. 


Now, it’s just share it on your social media with the hashtag #meuvoocompensa and inspire friends! 

Sustainability Policy

As a way to guide GOL's management and the relationships of all its collaborators and partners, the Sustainability Policy was created to present the airline's commitments and operating principles with sustainable development. 

Safety on the land and on air
This is our value number one and must an indispensable premise for every decision.  

Relationship with the customer 
We serve everyone with the GOL way of serving, being inclusive, accessible and bringing comfort and agility to give more life to your time. 

Team of Eagles 
We have the best aviation team in Brazil, committed to diversity, evolution and professional development and with the health and safety of all collaborators. 

Climate changes 
We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing fuel efficiency, smart design network, technological advances, operational improvements and contribution to the alternative fuel chain. 

Social Responsibility  
We contributed for positive and permanent changes through social investment, tickets donation, and cargo transports in education, sports, civility, accessibility and volunteering initiatives.