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Easily monitor your loved one’s trip

We know that you worry about the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. That's why we created Voe Junto, a special service that allows you to monitor each stage of the trip of someone who needs special attention, whether a child or an adult.

The Voe Junto service is for customers who purchase the Unaccompanied Minor services or for adults who want to be monitored.

Get to know some rules and features

  • Age


    Hiring the follow-up service is mandatory for children and adolescents from 8 years old to 15 years to 11 months.

  • Follow-up


    Assistance to unaccompanied minors ensures that the child or adolescent will be assisted during the main stages of the trip, including in cases of flight delays. The minor is under constant supervision by the airport and cabin staff, but monitoring is not exclusive. When boarding, he is welcomed and taken to the aircraft. On the plane, he is accommodated and is under the responsibility of the chief of staff. Upon arrival at their destination, a member of the GOL airport team accompanies the child or teenager to a guardian at the arrival airport.

  • Documents for domestic flights

    Documents for domestic flights

    If you are the father, mother or legal guardian of a minor aged between 08 years to 15 years and 11 months who needs to travel unaccompanied by domestic air, provide the valid documents for boarding. The minor must travel with:

    • Authorization of either parent or legal guardian, through public deed or private document with notarized signature. An authorization from the Juvenile Court or a valid passport containing the express authorization for the minor to travel abroad unaccompanied may also be presented (authorization valid also for domestic travel - Resolution 295 CNJ);¹

    • Valid personal identification document, such as a passport, Identity Card (RG) or Birth Certificate; ²

    • Unaccompanied Minor Travel Authorization Protocol completed in 3 copies.

    ¹If there is no expiration date on the authorization of the parent/legal guardian, consider two years from the date of issue.
    ²The Identity Card and Birth Certificate can be both originals and certified copies.

  • Documents for international flights

    Documents for international flights

    Children and teenagers from 08 years to 17 years and 11 months can travel unaccompanied to other countries with:

    • Valid personal identification document, such as a Passport or Identity Card (only for MERCOSUR countries);

    • Authorization in duplicate from both parents or legal guardians, with photo of the child (optional), expiration date³ and notarized signature for authenticity or similarity. A judicial authorization (compulsory in two copies) or a valid passport containing, on the identification page, the authorization for unaccompanied international travel may also be presented;

    • Unaccompanied Minor Travel Authorization Protocol completed in 3 copies.

    ³If there is no expiration date on the authorization of the parent/legal guardian, consider two years from the date of issue.

What you must know

  • The Voe Junto service is available to passengers who are eight years old or older and cannot replace any monitoring that is legally or medically required for travel.
  • GOL employees will accompany the passenger to the airplane. During the flight, the head flight attendant will be responsible for the passenger.
  • At the destination airport, a GOL employee will bring the passenger to the designated adult picking him up.
  • The service is not available for flights from or to Quito (UIO), Paramaribo (PBM), Cancun (CUN) or the US. For these destinations, you can purchase the service normally, but there is no real-time information sent to your smartphone or email address, even though the minor is monitored during the trip.

The Voe Junto service is very easy to use

Enable the Voe Junto service at the airport check-in counter.

The person traveling will wear a bracelet for visual identification. The trip information will be monitored whenever the boarding pass is scanned during the trip. The person staying behind will receive a password to activate the Voe Junto service on the GOL app.

To activate the service, the person must enter the ticket's locator code and the password provided at the airport.

That’s it! The passenger will travel in good company and you will receive updates on every stage of the trip.

How much does it cost?

The price of the service may change according to the age of the passenger.

  • Domestic flights

    USD 50 

    Each way and each person.

  • Passageiros acima de 16 anos

    International flights

    USD 110

    Each way and each person.

How can I request this service?

  • Passagem

    You haven’t purchased the ticket yet?

    Include the Travel Companion service as you’re purchasing your ticket, and offer your loved one an even more peaceful trip.


  • Check

    You’ve already purchased your ticket?

    If the ticket for the person who is traveling alone has already been purchased, you can still get the Travel Companion service under “My Reservations” and monitor every stage of the trip.


Other options

Other options:
If you prefer, the service can also be hired directly at GOL's service counter at the airport. Take advantage of GOL's easiness and stay calm following the trip of who you love. Check the rules of transportation of passengers with special medical conditions such as recently operated, with physical or intellectual disabilities or in any circumstance that requires accompaniment during the flight.

Check the rules of the unaccompanied minor.

Terms and conditions

Want to know more or have any questions?

Read the rules carefully and understand everything you need to know about Travel Companion

See terms and conditions
  • The service may suffer temporary interruptions due to the signal from the local telephone operator. In this case, the messages of some steps may not be sent, but the follow-up occurs normally.

  • The Travel Companion is available to customers who have contracted the Accompaniment Service and who are in possession of the locator and access password.

  • The access password will be delivered to the customer electronically at the moment of activation of the Travel Companion by GOL. It is important to save it as it will not be provided later by the service channels of GOL. This is done to ensure the safety of customer information with Travel Companion active.

  • In order to receive the information, the customer must install the GOL application and activate the receiving of notifications. Your smartphone must be connected to the internet, notifications may not be delivered if there is a weak connection signal.

  • The Travel Companion is available until 10 (ten) minutes after completion of the last step in the GOL application, being automatically removed after this time.

  • In the event of an operational irregularity, cancellation or delay of flights that may impact the client's travel, GOL will contact the responsible person at the time of acceptance to verify the best accommodation to the client. If there is a need for a flight change, the Travel Companion will be automatically restarted in the GOL application, without there being any need to inform the activation data, except for cases involving locator exchange.

  • Questions and suggestions for the service will be received by the GOL Customer Relationship Center.

  • This service does not replace passengers who, by legal or medical.

  • The passenger will receive the wristband at the check-in counter and must wear it throughout the trip, or tracking will not be possible. If the passenger refuses to wear the wristband, they may not purchase the service.

  • The hiring of this service does not provide any documents required by the Company for the authorization of the shipment.

  • GOL employees are in charge of accompanying the passenger to the aircraft. During the flight, he is under the responsibility of the chief of cabin. Upon arrival, a member of GOL's airport team receives him and takes him to a responsible person.

  •  If you have purchased Voe Junto but are not going to use it, you can request a refund or credit of the amount paid. The request for this refund must be made before boarding through My reservations or the call center.