Gol aircraft flying over the blue sky
Gol aircraft flying over the blue sky

Experience beyond the flight

GOL currently operates 737-700, 737-800, 737-8 MAX and 737-800 BCF aircraft. The aircraft serve routes in Brazil, South America, North America and the Caribbean, bringing GOL's standard of comfort throughout the continent.

Gol aircraft leather seats

Aircraft with leather seating

Synthetic leather seats for a more comfortable and refined flight for passengers.

Boy looking at the tablet on the plane

GOL Online: Internet and in-flight entertainment

Connect your device (smartphone, tablet or notebook) to the GOL Online portal and enjoy your flight even more. Learn more about GOL Online.

Passenger holding cell phone in hand inside the plane In-Seat Power

Airplanes with electrical outlets or USB ports to charge your devices in-flight

Seats equipped with power outlets or USB ports to charge electronic devices in-flight.

Man touching a tablet hanging on the seat towards him

Cell phone and tablet holder

Seat mount for your mobile phone or tablet, making it easier to use GOL Online.

Aircraft with Sky Interior

Aircraft with Sky Interior

Cabins designed exclusively for GOL, with lighting that simulates dawn, dusk or blue skies. The interior completes the in-flight experience.



Movable headrest that adjusts to fit your head for greater comfort and support.

Young mixed race woman smiles while looking through window on aircraft. She is wearing earbuds.

Music on board during boarding and disembarking

Brazilian ambiance as you enter and exit the aircraft to the sounds of MPB and Bossa Nova.

Special aircraft

Aircraft that have already been transformed into true works of art by the hands of world-class artists and our team of Eagles, paying homage to the most diverse themes.

Discover our customized aircraft:


Shopping Smiles

Celebrating the debut of the new Shopping Smiles, the Boeing 737GXP will paint the sky with innovation and vision, symbolizing that anyone can embrace the spirit of exploration.


My flight is worth it

To reinforce GOL's commitment to the planet, in September 2023, we customized the interior and exterior of our Boeing 737-8 MAX, registration PR-XMR, to connect more people to the New Times for Earth!


Santos Dumont

This airplane is very special! The Boeing 737-800, registration PR-GXR, celebrates the 150th birthday of Santos Dumont. Launched in September 2023, it features illustrations of the iconic 14-Bis, as well as the signature and face of the father of aviation.


Santa Tortuga

Inspired by the new movie "Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos," this themed Boeing 737-800 features illustrations of the characters that have delighted generations! In August 2023, to inaugurate the partnership, PR-GUX made a special flight to Salvador for the preview of the movie.


Turma da Mônica - 60 years old

Made in partnership with Maurício de Sousa Produções, the Turma da Mônica aircraft, registration PR-GXW, is a Boeing 737-800 that has come to brighten the skies and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the owner of the street, in July 2023.


Mercado Libre/Mercado Pago

Half blue, half yellow. One of our most eye-catching aircraft is this Boeing 737-800 BCF, the freighter that promotes the partnership between Mercado Pago and Mercado Libre. It was rebuilt and launched in April 2023 with the registration PS-GFD.


We are made of travel

Another aircraft made in partnership with Smiles for the Account! PR-GXI, a Boeing 737-800, was customized in November 2022 with stickers made in France, bringing all the synergy that exists between GOL and Smiles.


Smiles Club

A charming airplane to be launched in September 2022 to remind everyone of the existence of our Miles subscription club. It will make you want to fly more and more! The Boeing 737-800 is registered PR-GXN.


Mercado Libre

The PS-GFA freighter was the first in our partnership with Mercado Livre. It is also the 100th Boeing 737-800 converted into a freighter and the first GOL aircraft to adopt the BCF (converted freighter) nomenclature. It has been in service since August 2022.


Smiles Cards

This aircraft has a charming gradient from white to orange to remind you to collect good stories with your Smiles Cards! The inauguration of the Boeing 737-800, registration PR-GXV, took place in June 2022 at the Belo Horizonte-Confins Airport.


Star Fleet

Airplanes that take our passion for Brazilian football to the skies, in partnership with the CBF. In 2022, we will pay tribute to the 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 championship teams with another Boeing 737-800. PR-GXB celebrates the victories and the way to the Hexa!


Live TV

Launched in April 2018, our PR-GTM is a Boeing 737-800 painted all orange, in partnership with Claro and Globo, to promote free in-flight entertainment with live TV programming!



Inaugurated in 2017, this is one of our planes built to support Brazil’s National Soccer Team. What's more, the PR-GUK is a Boeing 737-800 that conveys the joy of being the Official Sponsor of the Brazilian National Team.

Technology and Comfort

GOL aircraft are complete, with everything you need for a great trip. Browse the menu below to learn more about our models.