Discover the rules in case of death of a family member

In case of death of a family member, GOL offers a special fare value for those who need to have an emergency trip. Check how it works: 

  • Emergency assistance it is only considered in cases of death in the family (spouse, father, mother, or child). 
  • In order to purchase the ticket with the discount, you must contact GOL’s Customer Service by the telephone 0800 704 0465, once you have the necessary documentation. 
  • In case the customer had already purchased the ticket, the traveller can ask for the refund corresponding to the discount within 7 days after death. 
  • The granting of the discount is subject to analysis of the information provided.
  • The documents required for the Emergency Assistance are the Death Certificate and the original legal documentation which confirms the family relationship.  
  • The 80% discount is only applied over the original value, and not over the airport fees, contracted services and/or tariff rules. 
  • Emergency assistance is exclusively valid for flight operated by GOL on national territory.