Enjoy more leg room and have an even
better flight on a GOL+ Conforto seat

For a small additional fee on any GOL flight, you get 10 cm (3.9") more leg
room and a seat that reclines 50% more.

+10 cm

*GOL+ Conforto seats in row 15 of the BOEING 737-800 and MAX 8 do not recline.

When you choose the MAX fare, you can select your GOL+ Conforto seat free of charge* anytime. If you choose another GOL fare, you can purchase a GOL+ Conforto seat while acquiring your ticket as well as when checking in (even if the ticket has already been paid for).

*Subject to availability

Have you already checked in? There's still time to ensure a more comfortable trip. Simply go to my reservations, select the option "My flights" and upgrade your seat to a GOL+ Conforto seat. Subject to availability.

In addition to the comfort of traveling in a more spacious seat, customers who purchase a GOL+ Conforto seat are also given priority when boarding and checking in.
GOL+ Conforto customers also receive an exclusive baggage compartment.
For Smiles Diamond customers and their companions travelling under the same reservation/locator code, and for Delta Elite customers, GOL+ Conforto seats are free of charge, regardless of the fare chosen. All you need to do is select your seat ahead of time and provide your Smiles or Sky Miles number. Smiles Gold customers and their companions travelling under the same reservation/locator code receive a 50% discount when purchasing a GOL+ Conforto seat.
* According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) regulation RBAC 121.
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