Medical Certificate (MEDIF)

Essential information for those who need special service

For passengers who require special assistance, whether temporary or permanent, we offer all the support you need for your trip. In these cases, it is necessary to fill in the Medical Information Form (MEDIF), with all the information described by the doctor.

Please note that previous forms will be accepted until 29/02/2024 and from 01/03/2024 only new MEDIF/FREMEC forms will be accepted.


MEDIF Medical certificate

For passengers who require medical attention or special equipment during the flight, the MEDIF form must be completed, which must be completed by the passenger's doctor and sent to GOL between 15 days and 72 hours before boarding. After a careful analysis of the form, our team issues a report that certifies whether the passenger's is able or not to make the air travel. If there is any doubt regarding the filling in of the MEDIF, or the need for additional exams, they can be requested free of charge to GOL.

Check when it is necessary to fill in the MEDIF form

• Recent surgeries
• When the passenger develops any behavior or unusual physical condition, which may have an adverse effect on the well-being and comfort of other passengers or the crew;

• Can be considered a potential risk to the safety of the flight or the passenger (examples: deviation from route and extra landing);
• Need medical attention or special equipment to maintain the passenger’s health during the flight (oxygen or stretcher);
• May have their medical condition worsened during or as a result of the flight;

• Requires medical care or medical treatment on board.

Present a picture of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive difficulties.

MEDIF Filling

MEDIF must be signed by the passenger's personal physician (this medical form will only be accepted by medical professionals with valid Medical Registration, it will not be accepted if signed by psychologists, physiotherapists and other professionals)

All copies must be completely filled in for better analysis.

  • Appendix A: To be completed by the passenger or legal guardian;
  • Appendix B: Part 1 and 2: Must be completed by the passenger's doctor;

    Read and answer all questions correctly, in legible handwriting. Check (X) in the "Yes" or "No" options. Afterwards, all copies of the form must be signed and stamped by the doctor.


The forms must be completely filled out and with updated information.
No fields should be left blank.
Always send the attached documents in JPEG or PDF format, images sent in the body of the message will not be evaluated.
Documents digitally signed by the passenger's medical officer will be accepted, provided they are validated through the platform. Validation is free and essential for the acceptance of the documentation.

Travel with companion

If necessary, GOL offers the companion an 80% discount on the plane ticket.

In these situations, the companion must be over 18 years of age and able to offer assistance to the passenger with special needs throughout the flight. The discount will only be applied after completing and approving the MEDIF forms.


How to send to GOL

  • 1

    After correct and legible filling, scan the three sheets (using a scanner or multifunctional printer).

  • 2

    Save the scanned forms to a folder of your choice on your computer.

  • 3

    Open your email and send the scanned forms as an attachment to

  • 4

    Name the subject of the e-mail: "MEDIF Filled in" and the LOCATOR (reservation code) of passengers with special needs.

  • 5

    If you have any questions about filling out the MEDIF, contact the Online Service or GOL’s Customer Service.

If you have any questions about filling out the MEDIF, contact the Online Service or GOL’s Customer Service.