Sponsorship Policy

In 2011, with the goal of sponsoring projects consistent with our way of being and seeing the world, created the cultural sponsorship program "Bridging the Culture" and the program of sports sponsorship "Acting Effectively in a Team".

Through these programs we want to enhance, and share with our audiences, beliefs and values that drive the GOL and at the same time, contribute to the Brazilian sports and cultural scene.

Learn more about the guidelines set for each one of our sponsorship programs:

Bringing the culture
Go further and discover rhythms and cultures.
GOL believes that traveling is also synonymous with leisure, relaxation, and brings people to discover what is new and different. To further enhance these experiences, we chose to sponsor musical events and traditional festivals. The musical events for being democratic and promote encounters between people and traditional festivals for providing contact with different cultures.
The types of projects we sponsor are:

  • Holiday show
  • Music Festivals
  • Shows and tours of artists and bands
  • Musical Performances
  • Traditional Festivals

Act with efficiency team
Go further is to always seek the best performance.
We are a young, intelligent, team spirit, characteristics that led to the GOL to develop an efficient and innovative work has transformed the way of flying. In sports, when energy, youth and teamwork come together the result is excellence. Therefore, the GOL Confederations identifies and supports sports and sports competitions and high performance (Olympic sports).

Fiscal incentive laws
GOL does not use resources from the laws of tax incentives to support and sponsor cultural and sports projects.

Request sponsorship
All proposals sent to GOL will be answered within a period of 30 working days from the date the project.
To apply for sponsorship, applicants may submit their proposals to the e-mail: patrocinio@voegol.com.br.
Before submitting the proposal, it is important to verify that the project in question fits with the line of action programs adopted by GOL.

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