Internet connection and the best of entertainment are on board with you!

With the GOL Online platform, your time flies by! Watch movies, series, live TV and a lot of other content during your trip. Also count on the free messaging package and other data package options that increase browsing possibilities. All this, on your mobile device, on the palm of your hand!


To connect to GOL Online, follow these steps

  • GOL

  • GOL

  • GOL

  • Most of our aircraft are equipped to support and charge your device onboard.

Please note: We recommend that you take your headphones with you on the flight and use them with your device to ensure a better experience for all travelers on board.

Essential information

Here you can find out about important information about the GOL Online connectivity service. 

How to guarantee the best experience during the flight 

In order to make your flight experience even better, take you earphone to listen to music and enjoy all the content of the GOL online platform. 

Aircrafts which have access to the GOL online platform

Currently, we have 114 aircrafts which offer GOL online. 
They are identified with the service sticker and have the symbol painted on the "belly". Before and during the flight, our Team of Eagles also announces the availability of the service. 

Check all the facilities and characteristics of our aircrafts.

Which aircrafts have the USB plug options in the seat 

For your commodity, we have 114 aircrafts which offer USB plug in the seats. 

Check all the facilities and characteristics of our aircrafts.

Main rules for using your portable devices during the flight

During take-off and landing, portable notebooks and DVD players that do not fit into the pockets in front of the passenger must be placed in the luggage compartment or placed in a backpack under the seats. When loose, this equipment can be thrown and cause injury. 

Tablets and smartphones 
The use of tablets, digital book readers, smartphones, mp3 players and video games on airplane mode is allowed throughout the flight, including take-off and landing. 

Cell phone 
It is allowed to make phone calls, send SMS or e-mails before take-off and after the landing. 

Airplane mode and Bluetooth 
Devices which do not have airplane mode must operate with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disabled. 

Electronic devices prohibited during the flight

Some devices cannot be used at any moment. Learn which ones: 

 AM/FM transmitters and receivers (including televisions and radios); 

•  Remote control equipment; 

 Electronic cigarettes, pipes and cigars; 

 Wireless mouse; 

 Radio controlled toys; 

 VHF scanners/receivers; 

 Two-way communication equipment (unless the broadcast function is disabled), amateur transmitters, two-way radios or walkie-talkies.