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People with visual impairment, low vision, color blindness and reduced mobility can access the website in an accessible way. Understand how it works!

GOL for all

GOL has changed its website in its continuous efforts to provide its services to a greater number of people. With its focus on the latest technological innovations and global trends, GOL is providing a website with accessibility resources in accordance with the recommendations of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), a leading organization for standardization of the World Wide Web, which develops technical specifications and market guidelines.

Therefore, people with visual impairment, reduced vision, color blindness and reduced mobility can navigate our website using the new features GOL has implemented to facilitate accessibility, such as high contrast, font size scaling, shortcut keys and keyboard navigation.

If needed, you can also use your browser’s native zoom feature. Hold Ctrl and press + to increase the zoom on the entire website and hold Ctrl and press - to decrease it. To return to the standard zoom, hold Ctrl and press the 0 key.

This site has better accessibility when accessed on the most up-to-date versions of your web browser. Always use the latest version of your software.

General shortcuts

Shortcut keys by browsers

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome:

  • Alt + 1 – go to content
  • Alt + 2 – go to menu
  • Alt + 3 – go to footer


  • Alt + Shift + number


  • Shift + Escape + number

Safari and OmniWeb:

  • Ctrl + number


Tab navigation

Use the Tab key to toggle through user interface elements, such as links, buttons, form fields, and other elements, in the order they appear on the page. Use Shift + Tab to toggle backwards. Use the arrow keys to scroll through text-based information.

Suggested programs available for people with disabilities

  • Nitrous Voice Flux: controls the computer by voice – free of charge
  • DOSVOX: system for the visually impaired (Windows or Linux)
  • NVDA: open source screen reader – multiple languages (Windows)
  • YeoSoft Text: screen reader – English and Portuguese
  • Jaws for Windows: screen reader – multiple languages
  • Virtual Vision: screen reader – Brazilian Portuguese

Observação: Check your screen reader’s manual for the best way to navigate web pages.

Telephone numbers for people with hearing impairment

GOL and Smiles Customer Service

Free call. 24-hour service.

0800 709 0466