Dicas de saúde em viagem

Find out measures that help ensure your well-being during the flight

It is very important to follow some recommendations for you to have an unconcerned and comfortable trip.

Our tips are separated by topic, and you can easily find a topic that interests you. But it is worth reading all the content to ensure even more safety and well-being in different situations and types of destination.


Sitting too long increases the risk of thrombosis, in addition to some risk factors, such as age over 60, pregnancy, obesity, use of contraceptives, recent surgeries, among others.

Here are some important tips during the trip: 

It is essential to move your legs and arms during long flights;

Try to use elastic or compression stockings;

Drink a lot of water.

If you have any associated risk factors, we recommend that you consult your doctor before traveling.


Diarrhea can generally result from food infections. A very common condition in travel, and more common in the summer. The recommendations to decrease the chance of a traveler having diarrhea include:

Have meals in safe environments, with treated or mineral water;

Give preference to cooked ingredients;

Avoid consuming foods that are exposed for a long time (as in buffet-style restaurants) and those sold in street stalls;

Keep your hands clean at all times.


The pressurization of an airplane's cabin is equivalent to the atmospheric pressure of 2,400 meters of altitude. Therefore, if you did an underwater dive (with a cylinder) up to 24 hours before the flight, there is a risk of gas embolism. The guidance in these cases is to travel after this period.

Ear pain, throat and nasal obstruction

If you have a cold or an inflamed airway, consult your doctor before traveling. The pressure difference in flight can cause severe pain, especially during landing.

To minimize symptoms, it is very important to stay awake during takeoff and landing to perform decompression maneuvers: simulating swallowing and yawning.

Children should also be instructed to perform these maneuvers. For babies, the tip is to encourage sucking by breastfeeding or bottle.

Therefore, if you have acquired a disease that can be transmitted to other people, and you have doubts about how to proceed, we recommend that you contact our Call Center on 0800 704 0465.


Some people may experience motion sickness after takeoff. To reduce this discomfort, before the flight, look for:

 Eat only light foods, such as fruits, salads and cereal bars;

 Avoid greasy dishes;

 Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, black or mate tea and coffee.

Also, be sure to consult your doctor beforehand if you need any specific medication.

Jet lag

Traveling to places with different time zones usually cause changes in the rhythm of our organism, which results in tiredness, headache and difficulty in concentration. To help minimize these symptoms, you can:

Set the clock to the destination time before starting the flight;

Drink plenty of water;

Get enough sleep the first night in the new destination, without resorting to sleeping pills or the like;

Get into the rhythm of the city immediately, making meals at local time.

Food allergy and intolerance

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, be sure to pack the medication prescribed by your doctor in your hand luggage.

For the most serious cases of allergy, it is also important to know that:

 We cannot guarantee that the food served on the plane is completely free of peanuts or other ingredients that cause allergies;

 We cannot guarantee that other passengers will not bring such food on board;

 In case of an emergency on board, our crew members are not allowed to apply any injectable medication.

Care on board

Some simple precautions can make all the difference when flying, including:

 Always try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and, if possible, compression stockings;

 On long trips, walk down the aircraft aisle every two hours and try not to staysitting for a long time;

 Drink water to stay hydrated;

 Use moisturizing and lip balm periodically;

 If possible, avoid wearing contact lenses, prefer glasses.

Climate changes

Traveling to places with very intense climatic variations can cause discomfort and difficulty in adapting. Be sure to provide clothing appropriate to the weather conditions of the place where you will be traveling.

Sun care

Destinations with a lot of sun and heat call for special health care. Some important recommendations if you are going to travel to places with this type of climate:

Always use a protector with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF);

Wear light clothing with long sleeves, hat and sunglasses;

Avoid dehydration by drinking water frequently;

Do not expose yourself to the sun during hours of intense heat.

Infectious diseases

It is very important to know that, in cases of infectious diseases, the passenger may be prevented from boarding. This measure is essential to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Therefore, if you have acquired a disease that can be transmitted to other people, and you have doubts about how to proceed, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service Center.

Customer Service Center

Call 0800 704 0465. In Portuguese, English and Spanish. 24 hours service. Free call.


Depending on the medicine being transported, you will need to contact the manufacturer to find out how to store it correctly and also take a prescription. Access Medical certificates and other forms page and learn about the rules for transporting medicines.

Health insurance

If you have a plan or health insurance, check its coverage with the company, especially on international travel.

It is very important to remember that, in some countries, health costs can be very high and there is a requirement for insurance for tourists. GOL provides trip insurance at very special rates. Check out all the details.

Vaccines and other preventive measures

Depending on the destination of your trip, you will need to have a vaccine before traveling. This is the case, for example, with immunization against yellow fever, which is mandatory in some regions. Access our Vaccines page and discover the GOL destinations that recommend previous immunization.