Imagem mostrando o centro de uma das salas Lounge GOL Smiles
Imagem mostrando o centro de uma das salas Lounge GOL Smiles

Wait for your flight in an exclusive and comfortable space

Picture an environment created exclusively for you to comfortably wait for your flight. This is the Lounge GOL Smiles, a space with modern facilities and the necessary structure for you to enjoy all the comfort of flying GOL even before take-off.

Access to GOL Premium Lounges can be purchased through the Customer Service Center (0300 115 2121) or at the GOL service desk, and very soon we’ll have news for lounge access sales through the website.


Learn about all the facilities of this exclusive space that only GOL can offer:

  • Special buffet

    Special buffet

    Savor recipes created for each meal of the day, with options for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Beverage selection

    Beverage selection

    We offer juices, soft drinks, sparkling wines and wine, as well as drinks prepared by bartenders.

  • Bath rooms

    Bath rooms

    Make sure you have more comfort on your trip with our fully packed environments, toiletry kit and cotton towel.

  • Free wifi

    Free wifi

    Use your cell phone freely to browse and exchange messages and also have sockets to charge electronics.

  • Exclusive business center

    Exclusive business center

    Extra convenience for those who need to work while waiting for the moment of boarding.

  • Information and entertainment

    Information and entertainment

    Newspapers, magazines and cable TV are at your disposal.

How to purchase

Our customers can purchase access to the Lounge GOL Smiles at different times:

  • GOL Customer Service Center

    GOL Customer Service Center

    Simply request lounge access by calling 0300 115 2121.

  • lounge

    At the lounge reception

    You can also purchase access at the lounge reception. To do this, present your boarding pass and pay with your card.

Essential information

Here you can find out about important information and general conditions of use of the Lounge GOL Smiles: 

Lounge GOL Smiles location at São Paulo International Airport (GRU)

•  International departure
Terminal 2, east side boarding floor.
Opening hours: from 05hs to 01hr.
Only available to customers on international flights.

•  National boarding
Terminal 2, west side boarding floor.
Opening hours: from 6am to midnight.
Only available to customers on domestic flights.

Lounge GOL Smiles location at Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG)

International departure
Galeão (RJ): Terminal 2, 3rd floor of the South Pier.
Opening hours: from 6am to 2am.
Only available to customers on international flights..

National boarding
Galeão (RJ): Terminal 2 - In front of gates B36 and B37.
Opening Hours: 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Opening Hours: 6am to 11pm (Wednesdays and Fridays) 6am to 10pm (other days)
Only available to customers on domestic flights.

Conditions for Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Pass, Diners Club, Lounge Key and Dragon Pass

Whoever has these cards should check the price of access to the Lounge GOL Smiles or the quota of free accesses directly with the card issuing company.

Disembarkation Access Information

We do not accept customers on arrival, you must have a boarding pass from one of the airports (GIG or GRU).

Check the service usage rules

To access the Lounge GOL Smiles, you need to know the rules for using the service.

Access service rules
  • It is necessary to present a valid credential or boarding pass;
  • The stay in space can be limited to a period of four hours, if necessary;
  • Food and drinks offered in the space must be consumed on site;
  • We request the use of headphones for sound devices;
  • It is not allowed to remove cushions or change the position of the chairs;
  • GOL reserves the right to refuse admission or assistance to people who show signs of intoxication;
  • Be cordial to other visitors and to GOL employees;
  • For your safety, the space is equipped with cameras;
  • If the rules above are not complied with, GOL reserves the right to request removal from the space.
  • If you have purchased Lounge GOL Smiles but are not going to use it, you can request a refund or credit of the amount paid. The request for this refund must be made before boarding through My Reservations or the call center.