Thank you very much! GOL is extremely grateful for the donations received since Friday, May 3rd at GOLLOG units all over Brazil. There were more than 227 tons of donations in one week, and now the focus is on making this solidarity wave reach the people of Rio Grande do Sul. That's why this Friday, May 10th, we're temporarily stopping the collection of donations.

We've already sent 42.7 tons of what the company has collected, and there are many more to come.

GOL will continue to load its commercial and cargo planes with donations collected by its various partners who share the same spirit of solidarity. The company would also like to thank all its employees throughout the country, who have spared no effort to contribute in this difficult time.

The Brazilian people have once again demonstrated their mobilization and solidarity. GOL remains at the disposal of governments and civil society organizations to transport even more donations to Rio Grande do Sul and help the people of Rio Grande do Sul overcome this tragedy.ia.