. Time de águias

GOL was the first Brazilian airline to innovate its processes

By using this innovative business model, we made air travel widely accessible and revolutionized the aviation industry.

We have been in operation since 2001 and, today, we are one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. If you have same values as we do and would like to be a member of our team of eagles, then see the available positions below. We have career opportunities for a range of different professionals, from administrative positions to crew.

Why work at GOL?

It’s a solid and reliable company.
GOL is continuously growing around the world.
We offer several career opportunities.

We always strive to give wings to our employees' careers so they can soar.


The choices made by the GOL team are based on safety, simplicity and friendliness.

These three attributes are what make us fly increasingly farther!

Attention and kindness
resolve many issues.


Simplicity could be the key to good business.


Feeling safe during every flight is essential.


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