See information about companions and medical certificates

 You can request assistance when purchasing your ticket or by visiting GOL’s Online Customer Service, at least 48 hours in advance. Upon arriving at the airport, identify yourself to one of our employees.

 Mentally disabled or impaired passengers may travel unaccompanied, provided they can understand and follow the flight safety instructions.

 If the passenger cannot follow the instructions given by our flight crew because of an impairment that causes memory loss or disorientation, we recommend that the passenger travel with a companion. In such cases, a MEDIF must be submitted to GOL at least 48 hours before the flight.

 GOL offers a 80% discount on airfare to companions of mentally disabled or impaired passengers.

 It is important to note that the companion must be able to take care of the personal and medical needs of the passenger. For more information, check GOL's Online Customer Service.

 Passengers who need to travel with a companion can purchase their tickets using Smiles miles, but the companion’s reservation must be made through our Customer Service Center, and the MEDIF form must be submitted to GOL, in order to guarantee the accessibility rights of the passenger and his or her companion according to ANAC Resolution 280.