Easily monitor your
loved one’s trip

We know that you worry about the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. That's why we created Travel Companion, a special service that allows you to monitor each stage of the trip of someone who needs special attention, whether a child or an adult.

The Travel Companion service is for customers who purchase the Unaccompanied Minor services or for adults who want to be monitored.

The Travel Companion service is very easy to use:

1. Enable the Travel Companion service at the airport check-in counter.

2. The person traveling will wear a bracelet for visual identification.  The trip information will be monitored whenever the boarding pass is scanned during the trip. The person staying behind will receive a password to activate the Travel Companion service on the GOL app.

3. To activate the service, the person must enter the ticket's locator code and the password
provided at the airport.

4.That’s it! The passenger will travel in good company and you will receive updates on every
stage of the trip.

What you must know:

  • The Travel Companion service is available to passengers who are five years old or older and cannot replace any monitoring that is legally or medically
    required for travel.
  • GOL employees will accompany the passenger to the airplane. During the flight,
    the head flight attendant will be responsible for the passenger .
  • At the destination airport, a GOL employee will bring the passenger to
    the designated adult picking him up.
  • The service is not available for flights from or to Quito (UIO), Paramaribo (PBM), Cancun (CUN) or the US. For these destinations, you can purchase the service normally, but there is no real-time information sent to your smartphone or email address, even though the minor is monitored during the trip.

How much does it cost?

USD 50

Each way and each person.
Fare valid for all age groups.

USD 110

Each way and each person.
Fare valid for all age groups.

How can I request this service?

You can purchase the service:

  • By going to the My Reservations section of the website, even if you have already purchased your ticket.
  • By contacting GOL Customer Service at 0300 115 2121 (24h).
  • At a GOL service counter at the airport.

You’ve already purchased your ticket?

If the ticket for the person who is traveling alone has already been purchased, you can still get the Travel Companion service under “My Reservations” and monitor every stage of the trip.

You haven’t purchased the ticket yet?

Include the Travel Companion service as you’re
purchasing your ticket, and offer your loved one an
even more peaceful trip.

Use this GOL service to monitor your loved one's trip without any stress.

See the rules for transporting passengers with special medical conditions, such as those who
have had recent surgeries,
or have a physical or mental handicap or any other issue that requires monitoring during the flight.

See the rules of Unaccompanied minor.

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