toten gol

Save time. Now, you can weigh, tag and check your own baggage.

The service allows you to weight and tag the baggage yourself. Then, simply stop by the Express Baggage delivery counter and board.

See how simple and fast it is:

  • totem de autoatendimento

    1  At the self-service kiosk, select “Check-In” and then enter your first name, last name, CPF number, reservation code or Smiles number to start the process. If you have already checked in, select "Check Baggage” and enter your locator code to continue.

  • despachar bagagem

    2  Before completing the check-in process, the system will ask you whether you would like to check your baggage. Select “Yes” and place your baggage on the scale. Wait for it to be weighed. If you have already checked in, the system will ask you to place your baggage on the scale.

  • pesar bagagem

    3  If you are carrying more than one bag, remove the first bag from the scale and select “Weigh More Items.” Weigh one item at a time and, when all bags have been weighed, select “Finish Weighing.”

  • excesso de bagagem

    4  If you are carrying excess baggage, the system will inform you of the amount to be paid and the credit cards that are accepted. Enter your credit card information and wait for payment confirmation. The system already takes into account additional baggage allowances for Smiles Diamond, Gold and Silver members and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers (Delta SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion status).

  • impressão de etiquetas

    5  Wait for the system to print the tags for your bags and remove the paper backing from the tag according to the printed instructions, pulling it from bottom to top and making sure that the backing is fully removed.

  • etiqueta na mala

    6  Affix the tag to your bag’s strap, preferably on top.

  • colagem de adesivos

    7  Remove one of the three stickers from the tag and place it on a part of the bag that it easily adheres to, such as a plastic or leather area, avoid fabric areas.                            

    Important: keep the printed receipt and the tag. It proves that you checked your bags.

  • tenha uma ótima viagem

    8  Go to the Express Baggage Counter and hand your checked bag to a GOL employee there.

Express Baggage is available for flights operated by GOL at the following Airports:

  • Galeão (GIG)
  • Guarulhos (GRU)
  • Santos Dumont (SDU)
  • Congonhas (CGH)
  • Brasília (BSB)
  • Porto Alegre (POA)
  • Recife (REC)
  • Fortaleza (FOR)
  • Curitiba (CWB)
  • Manaus (MAO)
  • Goiânia (GYN)
  • Foz do Iguaçu (IGU)
  • Maceió (MCZ)
  • Vitória (VIX)
  • Belém (BEL)
  • Florianópolis (FLN)
  • Navegantes (NVT)
  • São Luis (SLZ)
  • Salvador (SSA)
  • Natal (NAT)
  • Santiago (SCL)
  • Buenos Aires (AEP)
  • Ezeiza (EZE)
  • Córdoba (COR)
  • Montevidéu (MVD)
  • Mendoza (MDZ)
  • Assunção (ASU)