What is FREMEC?

The FREMEC is a document that can make life easier for travelers who have special medical needs. With it, you no longer have to present a medical report every time you travel, you simply show your personal ID when you board. Passengers with chronic and stable medical conditions are eligible for a FREMEC card.


FREMEC cardholders should notify GOL immediately any time their medical condition changes or worsens.


Please note: The card is only available to people with stable chronic medical conditions. Please note that the FREMEC card cannot be issued for children under the age of 2 (two).

Completing and submitting the FREMEC

  • The FREMEC form, duly completed by the attending physician, must be sent so that GOL's medical team can analyze all the information in order to guarantee the passenger's safety.

Check the guidelines for each condition below:

  • Visual, cognitive, psychosocial and developmental impairment: when the FREMEC form is filled in by a non-specialist doctor, an additional report, declaration, certificate or medical opinion drawn up by a specialist doctor in the respective field (doctor with RQE registered with the local CRM) must be submitted. When the FREMEC form is completed by a specialist doctor (doctor with a registered qualification in the respective field), the submission of an additional report is not required. GOL reserves the right to request additional specialist documentation if the FREMEC completed by a specialist doctor requires additional information (for example, not informing the visual acuity of a visually impaired person).


  • Hearing impairment: the FREMEC form must be presented (by a specialist or not) along with pure-tone audiometry (a basic and mandatory test to determine the presence of hearing loss).


  • Physical impairment: The FREMEC form must be completed by a physician familiar with the pathology described in the document. An additional report is not required as long as the FREMEC form is clear and complete. However, the GOL reserves the right to request additional documentation if it needs further inform.


  • Previous forms will be accepted until 29/02/2024, from 01/03/2024 only new MEDIF/FREMEC forms will be accepted. Send the form and the report to fremec@voegol.com.br

Download fremec form

Response to the request

  • Your request will be reviewed by GOL’s medical team and you will receive a response within 48 hours.
  • If your request is approved, you will be emailed a document containing your FREMEC number, which you can start using to reserve tickets.
  • Purchase your tickets by calling 0800 704 0465 and provide your FREMEC number when making your reservation.
  • When boarding, just show your photo ID. You will not need to present a medical certificate or authorization.
  • If you have any questions, please write to fremec@voegol.com.br


FREMEC with a companion

To request a reservation for a companion, the FREMEC travel form must be completed for each trip. Click here to download the form.

FREMEC with other airlines

If the passenger already has a FREMEC card with another airline, it is not necessary to file a new request. However, the passenger must provide a document verifying that the card has been approved or issued, as well as the travel request form, at least 72 hours prior to boarding.